MultiTrace User Guidance (Legacy account)

3. Fee Types & Finance

3.2. Invoice Reassignment FAQs


Q - Can I back date the Invoice Reassignment Agreement?

A – The agreement can only be started from the present day (it cannot be back dated). 


Q  Will the Reassignment direct the entire Invoice charge to the Reassigned Party? 

A – The charge will be made to the Reassigned Party from when the Reassignment Agreement has been Confirmed. 

 Example - In case if the Reassignment has been Confirmed mid-month, then the invoiced amount to the Reassigned Party will be from the date confirmed. 


Q – In the Buyer Reassignment can the Reassigned Party be any member in the Chain? 

 A - No, the Reassigned party can only be the Buyer who purchases directly from the charged 1st Buyer for Coffee Participation Royalty/Program Fee. 


Q – For how long is the Reassignment valid? 

 A – It is valid until the Agreement has been Withdrawn or Revoked 


Q  Do I need to be licensed to have Invoice reassigned to me? 

 A – Buyer and Seller reassignments need to be done between Licensed members; Full reassignment can be managed towards a registered member as well. 


Q – Is the Invoice Reassignment available for Tea or other Crops? 

 A – Currently it is only available for Pre-Merger UTZ Coffee Members. 


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