E-Page/MultiTrace User Guidance for Members

Welcome to the e-page MultiTrace User Guidance - for Members.

On this e-page you will find guidance on how to use MultiTrace, the new traceability system of the Rainforest Alliance (UTZ Certified), including: quick start guides, instruction videos, training webinars, checklists and templates.

Currently, MultiTrace is only being used in the Coffee and Hazelnut program by both members and certification bodies. 

Licenses for the Coffee and Hazelnut program are requested through MultiTrace. 

Prior to getting a license, an audit needs to be scheduled in MultiTrace. Please get in touch with your Certification Body to schedule the audit in the system. 

If you are audit exemptedplease contact our Member Support team at membersupport@utz.org.

Instructions using the functionalities in MultiTrace are shown in guidance recordings. 

Please use the table of contents on the right side to navigate through the manual. 

4. Fee Types & Finance

4.2. Invoice resassignment FAQs


Q - Can I back date the Invoice Reassignment Agreement?

A – The agreement can only be started from the present day (it cannot be back dated). 


Q  Will the Reassignment direct the entire Invoice charge to the Reassigned Party? 

A – The charge will be made to the Reassigned Party from when the Reassignment Agreement has been Confirmed. 

 Example - In case if the Reassignment has been Confirmed mid-month, then the invoiced amount to the Reassigned Party will be from the date confirmed. 


Q – In the Buyer Reassignment can the Reassigned Party be any member in the Chain? 

 A - No, the Reassigned party can only be the Buyer who purchases directly from the charged 1st Buyer for Coffee Participation Royalty/Program Fee. 


Q – For how long is the Reassignment valid? 

 A – It is valid until the Agreement has been Withdrawn or Revoked 


Q  Do I need to be licensed to have Invoice reassigned to me? 

 A – Buyer and Seller reassignments need to be done between Licensed members; Full reassignment can be managed towards a registered member as well. 


Q – Is the Invoice Reassignment available for Tea or other Crops? 

 A – Currently it is only available for Pre-Merger UTZ Coffee Members. 


In case if you have any further queries/questions please contact customersuccess@ra.org