MultiTrace User Guidance for CB

Welcome to the e-page MultiTrace User Guidance - for Certification Bodies.

On this e-page you will find guidance on how to use MultiTrace, the new traceability system of the Rainforest Alliance (UTZ Certified).

Currently, MultiTrace is only being used in the Coffee and Hazelnut program by both members and certification bodies.

Licenses for the Coffee and Hazelnut program are requested through MultiTrace. 

Prior to performing the license request, the audit needs to be scheduled in MultiTrace. Please make sure to get the role approvals (auditor, certifier, scope and commodities) before starting the audit process.

Instructions using the functionalities in MultiTrace are shown in guidance recordings. 

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  • 6. License request

    6.5. Download certificate information

    “Issue Certificate” is to download a license summary that you might want to use for issuing a certificate to the member. This replaces the template that is being sent by the Certification department. The information on the PDF is based on the license information.

    To download the certificate, please go to the Audits & License Requests tab. Scroll down to Licenses, enter the member name, check the tick box ‘Active’ and search for the license that has been granted. Click on the icon on the left to enter the license.


    Click on “Issue Certificate” under your Actions. You will now be able to download the certificate on the top right of the page. After you click “issue certificate”, the member will also be able to download the PDF from their own account.