6. License request

6.4. Resubmitting a license request

Standards & Assurance will review the license request once you have submitted this in MultiTrace. If the information is not clear or incomplete, the license will be rejected. This will give you an additional opportunity to provide the required information.

In case of rejection, this means that you will need to provide additional info and re-submit your license request in MultiTrace. 

Please watch the instruction video Resubmit License Request in chapter 1. Introduction - Quick Start. 

If a license request has been rejected by S&A, the status will show “rejected”. Clicking on the license and on the book icon on the left, will give you the request summary including the comments of S&A.

Please see the comments by clicking on the balloon icon on the right. Here you will see the comment made by S&A. Provide your answer by adding a new comment here.

Once you are finished with your replies to the comments, go to the action “Provide audit findings”. Clicking on this task guides you through the information that is initially entered by you in the license request.

In case you need to add or change anything, you can do this by going through the steps of providing audit findings. Please note that in case you need to upload new documents, the pre-filled answers may need some review or blank fields will appear to provide answers based on the new information.

Once you finish the questionnaire, you will be able to Re-submit the license request for this member.