6. License request

6.3. License review

The Standards & Assurance department will review the license request within the time frames specified in the Certification Protocol. 

If the information is not clear or incomplete, the license will be rejected by S&A. This will give you an additional opportunity to provide the required information. 

Once the additional information and clarifications are reviewed and accepted, the license will be activated by S&A.

What is a rejected license and what do I do with it?

It is a license request that has been rejected by S&A because additional information is required. S&A will clearly indicate the additional data/explanation that is needed. From the moment the license request has been rejected, the CB has 10 calendar days to resubmit it with the additional required information.

What is a denied license?

It is a license request that has been denied by S&A and thus, a certificate cannot be granted.

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