5. Audit findings

5.3. Provide audit findings

Please provide the audit findings within one week after the last day of the audit.

You can choose the decision “Certification” in two situations. The member didn’t have any NCs or, the member had NCs but they can be solved within the timelines indicated in the Certification Protocol. 

If the member will definitely not be certified (non certification), the decision will be final and the system will end the licensing process. Otherwise, the decision is preliminary. 

Please see chapter 5.1 "Checklists for audit findings" to see how to use the templates reporting the audit findings and watch the instruction video Audit Findings in chapter 1. Introduction - Quick Start. 

When uploading your audit findings please always make sure that you are using the template that is equal to the one you can download in the same screen. Using the correct version of templates will avoid inconvenience and getting an error when uploading!

You can find the checklists in chapter 1. Introduction - Quick Start.