5. Audit findings

5.2. Confirm License Scope

After the audit has taken place the system will ask you to confirm what the actual audit dates were. You will see this on your dashboard in MultiTrace.

Please see the instruction video Audit Findings in chapter 1. Introduction - Quick Start to see what you need to do as a Certification Body after the audit has taken place.

After the audit, you will be also asked to confirm what the License Scope is.

Indicate all activities, sites and the traceability levels, by performing the following actions based on the outcome of the audit:

  1. Add new Sites if there are sites missing
  2. Add new Activities if there are activities missing
    1. Indicate the traceability level for each of the all activities
    2. Indicate if an activity is not done on a particular location 
  3. Remove sites if it was out of scope for the audit
  4. Remove activities if there are incorrect activities

Please note: you cannot remove the central location.

Proceed with providing the audit findings.