5. Audit findings

During the closing meeting in the last day of the audit, you shared your audit findings with the member. Upload the first audit findings in MultiTrace within one week after the last day of the audit, so they are available for you, the member and UTZ.

After the audit you will have the following Actions in your dashboard:

  1. Confirm actual audit dates
  2. Confirm license scope: add sites, activities and applicable traceability levels 
  3. Provide audit findings: (preliminary) certification decision, date and motivation, upload audit findings checklist

Please see the instruction video Audit Findings in chapter 1. Introduction - Quick Start to see what you need to do as a Certification Body after the audit has taken place.

Please use the table of contents on the right side to navigate through the content. 

5.1 Checklists for audit findings
5.1.1 How to validate the Group member registry template
5.1.2 How to fill in the audit findings for Code of Conduct
5.1.3 How to fill in the audit findings for Chain of Custody

5.2 Confirm License Scope
5.3 Provide audit findings
5.4 Non Conformities (NC)