MultiTrace User Guidance for CB

Welcome to the e-page MultiTrace User Guidance - for Certification Bodies.

On this e-page you will find guidance on how to use MultiTrace, the new traceability system of the Rainforest Alliance (UTZ Certified).

Currently, MultiTrace is only being used in the Coffee and Hazelnut program by both members and certification bodies.

Licenses for the Coffee and Hazelnut program are requested through MultiTrace. 

Prior to performing the license request, the audit needs to be scheduled in MultiTrace. Please make sure to get the role approvals (auditor, certifier, scope and commodities) before starting the audit process.

Instructions using the functionalities in MultiTrace are shown in guidance recordings. 

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  • 4. Audit preparation

    4.4. Confirm Audit Preparation

    Please see the instruction video Plan Audit in chapter 1. Introduction - Quick Start to see what you need to do as a Certification Body before the audit takes place.

    Click on “Confirm Audit Preparation” to confirm that the information provided by the member during the audit preparation is complete. 

    You have until the last day prior to the audit to confirm the information. The system will automatically save the provided information on the first day of the audit. 

    It is possible that the member submits new information after you confirmed. If you choose to include this information in the audit preparation, you can reconfirm the information by clicking on "confirm Audit Preparation" again. This action can be performed multiple times up to one day before the start date of the audit planning.

    The correct preparation for the audit will be taken into account for member’s and CBs’ monitoring.