4. Audit preparation

4.1. Planning the audit

You, as the certification body, must initiate the scheduling of the audit in MultiTrace.

Please see the instruction video Plan Audit in chapter 1. Introduction - Quick Start or follow the steps below.

  • Go to the tab "Contract Member"
  • Search for the member by entering the name, member ID or license code. 
  •  Click "Plan an Audit"
  • Select the Certifier and Auditors for this audit. Based on the approvals of the CB and the scope of the audit, MultiTrace guarantees that only the approved certifiers are chosen. If you can't indicate a staff member here, please make sure he/she has the correct approval for the role.
  • If it is an audit for a Code of Conduct license, please fill in the amount of group members. If the member has uploaded the group member registry-file, the number of group members will be shown. If this number is not shown or the CB has different information, this must be filled in.
  • For the Chain of Custody audit, indicate the number of sites. If the member included information about the sites, the number of sites be will be shown. If this number is not shown or the CB has different information, this must be filled in.
  • The total number of sites is equal to the central location plus all additional sites the member may have. If the member is just and individual member, then the number of sites will be 1.
  •  Click “Add Audit ListDate”, to select the days on which the audit should be performed and click on the tick icon to enter your selection. Here, a multiple range of dates can be included in case the audit days are not consecutive. 

If dates are not within the recommended time frame the audit may be considered invalid. In this case, a reason needs to be provided. This reason will be evaluated by Standards & Assurance. 

Also, if the audit length is shorter than the minimum number of days requested in the Certification Protocol, then the audit may also be considered invalid. Please provide a reason in that case.

Please note that if the audits are considered invalid, the license may not be granted.

  •  Once you have entered the audit date click "Submit" 

The proposed audit will appear in your profile under the tab "Audits & License Requests".

Clicking on the calendar icon makes it possible to Re-schedule an audit if needed.

Please make sure the member confirms the date. You will not be able to request a license in the system if the member has not accepted the proposed audit date!