3. Manage your settings

3.1. Add users

The Scheme Manager is responsible for providing access to staff members. If you are an Auditor or Certifier, please ask your scheme manager to add you as a user. 

For Scheme Managers: 

Click on Add Staff Member on the Staff tab of your CB's account. Please fill in the UTZ Academy Online (UAO) username of the person you would like to add. If the person already has an UAO account, his or her details will be pre-filled. If not, you will have to manually fill in the required fields. An account will be created both in MultiTrace and in the UTZ Academy Online, and the login details will be sent to the new user by email.

If this person does not have an UAO account you will have to fill in their details manually in the required fields.

Please note: if you add a person who already has an UTZ Academy Online- account, you will be duplicating the user! This could lead to problems when planning and/or preparing audits.

After adding a new staff member, please indicate their role. See chapter 3.3 Assign roles. 

Contact cbmanagement@utz.org for more information about staff approvals.