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    Welcome to the Rainforest Alliance E-course on EUDR: the European Union Deforestation Regulation. This course will provide you with both high-level and practical understanding of EUDR and how it relates to the Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Standard.

    This course consists of 4 videos:

    Video 1:  What is EUDR, which crops does it apply to, what is the relevance of EUDR for given sectors and why RA is offering an EUDR solution for the certificate holders.

    Video 2:  What does EUDR mean for certificate holders, what data will be shared by opting in to EUDR and how does the EUDR relate to the Sustainable Agriculture Standard.

    Video 3: How to opt-in to EUDR via the Rainforest Alliance Certification Platform (RACP) and provide consent to data sharing.

    Video 4: How to link crops grown on each farm unit, provide geodata for all farm units and validate that geodata against EUDR criteria in RACP. 

    You may take this course with guest access, or in other words, without registering to the Rainforest Alliance Learning Network (RALN) platform. However, please note that obtaining certificate after completing the course is only possible for registered, logged in and enrolled participants. A certificate of competency is issued when you pass the Final Quiz at the end of the course. Please also fill in the feedback form. 

  • What is EUDR?

  • What does EUDR mean for Certificate Holders?

  • RACP: How to opt-in to EUDR?

  • RACP: Farm Units and Geodata

  • Final Quiz

  • Your Feedback

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