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 Chaine de traçabilité_SUSCOM
MMO101 Mass balance Cocoa
Face-to-face training fr
Côte d'Ivoire (Ci)
  San Pedro 2020 09 15 / 16              Sylvain Kouamé

 Chain of Custody training / TELCAR COCOA LIMITED
_____SUPPLY CHAIN ACTORS_______________________________
TRA102 Introduction to the basics of traceability
MMO101 Mass balance Cocoa
CHL101 Chain of custody: Labeling
HBO101 How to become UTZ Certified - Cocoa
E-Course en
Cameroon (Cm)
   2020 06 24 / 26              Yannick MBOBA

 Chain of Custody Refresher-Adwumapa Buyers Limited
TRA102 Introduction to the basics of traceability
APE101 Audit exemption
CRA101 Credit account
MMO101 Mass balance Cocoa
Face2Face en
Ghana (Gh)
  Christian Village, Kumasi 2020 02 18 / 18              Maurice