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5. Trade And Stock

Reporting purchases, sales and processing activities of certified products is a requirement of the standard and therefore mandatory. 

It is required to update your trading stock at least once every three months. To keep a better and clearer overview of your available volumes and open transactions, you should update your Trading & Stock more frequently.

It is very important to perform transactions so your buyer has the purchased volumes available for their own processing/trading activities in MultiTrace.

The use of the traceability system will be checked during your (surprise) audit, and when done correctly, it can avoid non-conformities. 

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5.1.   Certified Volume, Certified Product and Stock

5.2.   Sell & Purchase

5.3.   Conversion

5.4.   Redeem volume

5.5.   Remove volume

5.6.   Delivery & Receipt

5.5.   Mixing Varieties & Perfect Blending

5.8.   Reverse

5.9.   Upload Transaction

5.10. Data Mapping

5.11. Remove Data Mapping

5.12. Download Trade Transaction Pdf

5.13. Download excel/csv files