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5. Trade And Stock

5.7. Mixing

If Certified Volume is being mixed, the output stock position will become “Certified Product”.

Mixing cannot be unmixed but it can be reversed by the member/participant that has performed the mixing activity. This is only possible as long as the mix has not been sold onwards.

The mixing activity can only be entered by the member/participant that owns the product or has the stock position on its location.

If you are not able to report a mixing activity, please see if you have an active license or make sure that you are indicated as mandated in the account of the owner of the product.

When using Mix it is recommended to add a description so you can identify the action. This is meant for your own administration. Once you mix your stocks it will appear in your overview.  

The mix functionality has two options which is Bulking and Blending.


If you click on bulk option the selling mark appears and you can assign a new selling mark. You will have to select your positions and quantity that you would like to bulk and submit your mix activity which will bulk your stock positions.

Please note that you will have to create your own selling mark prior to bulking.



You can also blend your tea which is the other option of mixing. When you blend there is no option of selling mark.

Royalty will be charged for the amount of tea that you have blended and moreover, on conversions for Decaffeinating, Process to Instant Tea Liquid, Process to Instant Tea Powder and Process to Green Leaf Instant."

The currency charged will be USD.