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5. Trade And Stock

5.4. Redeem Volume

Redeem marks the end of the online traceability system for pure RA/UTZ products. Manufacturers of half-finished, consumer-end or food service products must report the stock activity Redeem for all RA/UTZ volumes when:

·          Products are packaged and sold as a consumer-end product with RA/UTZ claim (on- or off-pack);

·          Products are mixed with ingredients different to the pure product (e.g. chocolate, oil) or manufactured into extracts, aroma etc., and then claimed as RA/UTZ (on- or off-pack);

·          The company operates under a non-claiming exemption. It is not allowed to accumulate credits and any volume that was purchased as RA/UTZ and used for production must be redeemed.

If a warehouse is mandated by the owner of a product, the warehouse can redeem volumes from the stock position of the owner.

Redeem Volume