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Welcome to the MultiTrace E-PAGE for Tea - (Pre-merger RA and UTZ Members)

On this e-page, you will find guidance on how to use MultiTrace for the Tea crop, and find different resources such as guidance material, and instruction videos.

MultiTrace is currently being used in the Hazelnut and Coffee program for Pre-merger UTZ members and is now also available for the Pre-merger RA/UTZ Tea program!


The link to the portal is https://portal.utz.org/portal/ and on entering you will see the below login page.

MultiTrace Login Page

Both the Pre-merger RA/UTZ Tea Members can use their existing usernames and click on the reset password option on MultiTrace to log in. (for any questions you can contact our Customer Success Team at customersuccess@ra.org)

guide_logoFaqs to Access MultiTrace:               

  • I am New to MultiTrace? How do I Set up my account?
  A - The Registration Process for Tea will be still continued on Marketplace for PreMerger RA and Good Inside Portal for PreMerger UTZ Members.
  • How do I access my account?

  A - You can use your existing username from Marketplace or Good Inside Portal. (Please use the reset link to generate password)

video_logoInstruction Videos:

Transaction - Report Conversion Stock Management - Mixing - Blend
Link to video
Transaction - Report Sell
Transaction - Redeem Volume
Transaction - Remove Volume
Transaction - Report Conversion
Stock Management - Mixing - Blend
Stock Management - Mixing - Bulk
Add Garden name and Selling Mark

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