How to use the Online Traceability System in GIP

3. How to - Guidance and Videos

3.1. Transactions Management

In the inbox you find open transactions you have to confirm or reject. Notifications of confirmed transactions by you buyer have to be acknowledged to keep your inbox clean. You can also filter the transactions on 'Buyer', 'Product' and 'Status' or you can use the 'Search Field'.

In the column 'Status' there are two status reasons that you should pay attention to:

- Cancelled by System (in case the seller is a producer): your or the producers certificate expired before the sales announcement was confirmed. The volume announced in this sale was not transferred/sold. If you want to resubmit this sale, the CB needs to add this volume as a carry-over to the producers new certificate.

- Cancelled by System Pending Resubmission: the certificate of the seller or buyer expired before the sales announcement was confirmed. This announcement will be automatically re-announced once your buyer has a new certificate.

In the outbox you can see all the sales announcements reported to your buyers. You can perform the following activities under the column 'Action' before the buyer confirms the transactions:

- Withdraw: cancel a sales announcement;

- Modify: modify incorrect information in the sales announcement.

Here you can see all the finalized transactions such as confirmed/rejected/cancelled sales or traced volumes.