How to use the Online Traceability System in GIP

3. How to - Guidance and Videos

3.2. User Management

If you have problems accessing the system our or want to change the language, we will show you some useful tips and tricks in this chapter.

  • How to log in to the Good Inside Portal (GIP)

During registration, you received an email with your login credentials for the GIP. See if you can find them in your Inbox or Spam folder. In case you are not a registered contact, go to the next bullet point.

  • How to add/modify a contact

 In case you do not have GIP login details, the primary user of your company’s GIP account can add you as a user via the settings area. Here you can also change the details of a user in case the contact information are not uptodate. Click here to see a short video how to manage users in GIP.

Alternatively, you can contact our technical support team via and ask them to add/modify a user.

  • What to do if you forgot your username or password

In order to receive a new password, please go to and click on the link 'Forgot your password'. Fill in the username you received after registration and click on 'Submit'. 

An automatic e-mail with new login details will be sent to your e-mail address. If the e-mail was not delivered to your Inbox, please also check your Spam folder.

In case you forgot your username, please request new login credentials via

  • 'Access Denied' in the Traceability System - what does that mean?
There are two possible reasons why you cannot access the traceability system:

1) You do not have sufficient rights. Please ask the primary user of your company’s GIP account to assign rights for the traceability system to you via the settings area (see video link above) or contact the technical support team via

2) You do not have a valid certificate/license at the moment. If you are audited, please contact your certification body for status of your (re)certification. Alternatively, contact the member support team via for more information.

  • How to change the language of the system

The Traceability System is available in nine languages. To change the language, go to user management in the settings, click on 'Modify' next to the user for whom you want to make the change, and select the preferred language from the drop list; click on OK.

This change will be visible once the user signed out and in again.