4. Sales announcement

4.2. Buyer

Buyer is known: select the Buyer (drop down) and Contact Person (drop down). All the other information is already filled in.

Buyer is unknown: if it is the first time you sell to a buyer, the buyer needs to be added first to your buyer list. Click on 'Edit Buyer List'. The view 'Edit New Buyer' opens. Click on 'Add Buyer'.

The view 'Add Buyer' opens. First you need to indicate whether you want to search on Member ID or Member Name. Then fill in the relevant info in the search field.

Choose the correct company by ticking the box, in this example 'Test Coffee SCA 1' and click on OK.

The new buyer has been added to the list. Click on OK.

You return to the form 'Sales Announcement' and are now able to add the new buyer.