• Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


    Welcome to FAQ sections of RALN. The FAQ page are open for all the users with the hope that the answer for most questions can be found on this page.

    If you cannot find the answer to your question or you have further inquiries, please contact us through learn@ra.org.

    Please note: This page is still under construction. Questions and answers will be added regularly and all content will be translated.

    • Trainings and E-courses


      The RALN hosts hundreds of pages for individual training events as well as E-courses. You can find these in the following places.

      • Your Dashboard is the landing page after logging in. Here, you can view the trainings and e-courses into which you are enrolled, and see the progress in each one of them. You can also view badges (digital recognitions awarded after completing certain learning milestones in the individual pages for trainings and e-courses) scrolling down on the dashboard. Please not that if you cannot find any courses directly listed under "my courses" on your dashboard page, that means that you are not (yet) enrolled into any training or e-course. 
      • You can browse through all and any active trainings and e-courses, which should also be accessible through the navigation box under "search courses". Most trainings are not open to all participants, but are "targeted" and available upon invitation only. Should you want to inquire about access to any targeted trainings, please contact the trainer directly if possible.
      • Open-access E-courses and E-pages are also listed separately for your convenience. Most of these also have "guest access", meaning they can also be followed without logging in or without an account.
      • For some target groups, learning plans are available via the dashboard page in a box to the right under "your program". Learning plans inform possible learning trajectories and might display trainings that are still being developed. Please contact the training coordinators listed for each region for more information.

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