• Learning plan for IMS Manager

    • Welcome to the learning plan of IMS Managers. IMS Managers have the following responsibilities and these essential learning interventions support you in this role:

      • Implementation of standard/certification process (for a group)
      • Organizing the internal inspection system
      • Approvals of internal inspections (= certification manager)
      • Organizing the group's production
      • Organizing the group's support to members (including training)

      Our E-courses have an open access and are immediately available. Face-to-face trainings and online trainings on the other hand depend on the schedule of each country. Please contact the training coordinator in your country, see list below, to get invited in one of the scheduled trainings.

  • Sustainable Agriculture Standard 2020

    Welcome to the e-course on the Sustainable Agriculture Standard 2020. This course will provide you with in-depth and practical understanding of all topics in the standard.  Each requirement is explained through photos, illustrations and real examples from the field. There are also short-case studies that are presented throughout the course in the form of quizzes so that you can self-assess your level of understanding. This course is under development and new modules will be added on a weekly basis. In the next few months, all 38 modules will be available to cover all topics in the standard.

    Learning objectives

    • Lean to implement the standard on a farm or a group by understanding each requirement in depth, through visual explanation, practical examples from the field and interactive quizzes.


    • Type: E-course | Length: 5 hour | Trainer: Reiko Enomoto
    • Enrollment method:  Open access
    • Pre-requisite: N/a

  • 2020 Sustainable Agriculture Standards and Certification Rules

    The merger of the Rainforest Alliance and UTZ in 2018 was a natural moment for us to combine our experience and develop a strong, forward-looking approach to certification that is fit for the challenges now facing sustainable agriculture and related supply chains.  This training is designed to support IMS managers with the implementation of all the relevant changes. These requirements can help farmers to produce better crops, adapt to climate change, increase their productivity, set goals to achieve their sustainability performance and target investments to address their greatest risks.

    Learning objectives

    • Recognize which topics in the new standard are relevant for pre-merger RA - and pre-merger UTZ -Certified members.
    • Interpret standard requirements for implementation in your own situation.
    • Understand how to apply the key tools in the standard risk, including the risk assessment tool, the self assessment and management plan.
    • Recognize what geo-location data to collect in your situation.
    • Determine how to apply the elements of the new assess and address system in your situation.
    • Construct a basic IPM strategy.


    • Type: Face-to-face | Length: 4-5 days | Trainer: (tbd)
    • Type : Online | Length: 5 sessions of 3 hours + introductory session of 2 hours + individual preparation 15 hours | Trainer: (tbd)
    • Enrollment method: Personal invitation
    • Pre-requisite: N/a