Tổng quan các chủ đề

  • Learning plan for Associate trainers

    • Welcome to the learning plan of Associate Trainers. To achieve worldwide impact, the Rainforest Alliance relies on a network of local trainers that support farmers in the implementation of the standard. 

      As an Associate Trainer you can rely on continuous support of our regional staff, - get access to training and its tools, - network with other Associate Trainers and share experiences in annual workshops. In return, companies can rely on a network of dedicated and qualified trainers and implementers.

      Here you can find the overview of all the essential learning interventions for your role as a trainer for Rainforest Alliance. Our e-courses have an open access hence, are immediately available. On the other hand, face-to-face and online trainings depend on the schedule and planning of each country. Please contact the training coordinator in your country. In addition, please refer to the list below to get invited in one of the scheduled trainings.
  • Sustainable Agriculture Standard 2020

    Welcome to the e-course on the Sustainable Agriculture Standard 2020. This course will provide you with in-depth and practical understanding of all topics in the standard.  Each requirement is explained through photos, illustrations and real examples from the field. There are also short-case studies that are presented throughout the course in the form of quizzes so that you can self-assess your level of understanding. This course is under development and new modules will be added on a weekly basis. In the next few months, all 38 modules will be available to cover all topics in the standard.

    Learning objectives

    • Lean to implement the standard on a farm or a group by understanding each requirement in depth, through visual explanation, practical examples from the field and interactive quizzes.


    • Type: E-course | Length: 10 hour | Trainer: Reiko Enomoto

    • Enrollment method:  Open access

    • Pre-requisite: N/a

  • Deliver the f2f training on the 2020 Sustainable Agriculture Standards and Certification Rules to certificate holders

    Learn to deliver the face to face training on the 2020 Sustainable Agriculture Standards and Certification Rules to certificate holders. 

    Learning objectives

    • Recognize which topics are relevant for pre-merger RA - and pre-merger UTZ -Certified members.

    • Interpret the assignments from the trainer's guide and tailor it to your context including handouts and slides.

    • Get prepared to implement the script, evaluate your experience and report suggestions for improvement.


  • Deliver the online training on the 2020 Sustainable Agriculture Standards and Certification Rules to certificate holders

    Learn to deliver the online training on the 2020 Sustainable Agriculture Standards and Certification Rules to certificate holders.

    Learning objectives

    • Assess the activities that Certificate holders complete in advance of the online sessions.

    • Interpret the activities that are implemented in the online session and tailor it to your context including handouts and slides.

    • Get prepared to implement the script, evaluate your experience and report suggestions for improvement.


    • Type : Online | Length: 25 hours (5 sessions of 3 hours) + (individual preparations 10 hours) + coaching (optional) | Trainer: (tbd)

    • Enrollment method: Personal invitation

    • Pre-requisite:
  • Learn to design an effective training

    Many people begin their training career by gaining training delivery skills. These are important, but did you know there is another vital set of skills that can lift your trainings to a much higher level? Learning how to design trainings with a structure of effective tools and frameworks will support you in achieving your training objectives and will contribute to delivering trainings effortless and artfully.

    Learning objectives

    • Find the elements that placing the participants and their needs at the heart of your training.

    • Identify adult learning strategies that allow you to design a program that motivates participants and enables learning.

    • Understand how to prepare for implementation

    • Analyze and evaluate the results of training based on four levels of criteria.


    • Type: E-course

    • Length: 4 hours 

    • Enrollment method: Open access

    • Trainer: - Rene Pieneman

    • Pre-requisite: N/a

  • Deliver an online skills training

    You may find yourself in a confident position when delivering a training resulting in a great learning experience for you and for the participants. Maybe you have even already learned from your pitfalls and are enjoying a deep sense of fulfillment when you contribute to the development of peoples' lives with your well prepared face to face trainings. The truth is that reality nowadays poses different challenges for trainers. What to do when Covid-19 regulations prevent people from getting together in a training room? Or when there is simply no opportunity to travel and to meet each other in person? In that situation you can benefit from online strategies that simulates a face 2 face training.

    Learning objectives

    • Understand the advantages and acknowledge the limitations of an online (sensory poor) training.

    • Apply role-play as a participatory online exercise to bridge gaps in skills and attitude.

    • Manage energy levels and encourage online participation, track progress, support continuity, regularly check time and adjust.

    • Ensure learning outcomes and evaluate a participant’s competence with feedback from observers. Manage online group dynamics and create a safe and positive learning climate.


    • Type: Online | Length: 12 hours (3 days) | Trainer: (tbd)

    • Enrollment method: Personal invitation

    • Pre-requisite:

  • Get started with Zoom for your online session

    Zoom helps our organization bringing teams together in a cloud platform for video, voice and content sharing. It also enables our trainers to connect with their learners across mobile devices, desktops, telephones and room systems.

    Learning objectives

    • Recognize the differences in functionalities of the free and paid version.

    • Schedule a Zoom session, share the invitation, record the session.

    • Mute and unmute participant(s) share your screen, setup a poll, assign a co-host.

    • Setup a breakout room, allocate participants, broadcast messages and  set a timer.


    • Type: Online | Length: 6 hours (2 days) | Trainer: (tbd)

    • Enrollment method: Personal invitation

    • Pre-requisite: N/a

  • Learn to manage a course page on the RALN

    As part of our vision for continuous improvement of training process, all internal and associate trainers are strongly encouraged to roll-out their trainings via the Rainforest Alliance Learning Network. This will allow our trainers and participants to access different trainings and related materials in one place and for RA to periodically monitor and improve the quality of e-courses, face-to-face and online trainings based on collected data and feedback. In such platform trainers also have the chance to track the progress of participants' competences, and participants can see their achievements and certificates.

    Learning objectives

      1. Understand the main uses, benefits and limitations of a learning management system (LMS)

      2. Prepare for and perform a course page request for your training

      3. Manage the participants of your training through the course page

      4. Create and edit content for your training on the course page

      5. Monitor participant progress on activity and course page level

      6. Implement a final evaluation and reward system for participants

      7. Gather and analyse feedback from your participants


    • Type: E-course | Length: 2-4h | Trainer: Daniel Uosukainen

    • Enrollment method: use enrolment key RALN2021

    • Pre-requisite: RA Staff or Associate Trainer status

  • Training Methodologies

    As a trainer, contributing to the development of peoples' lives enhancing their experiences gives us a deep sense of fulfilment and pleasure. At the same time, being a trainer is a continuous learning experience that can be tough at times: we are often confronted with pitfalls and challenging group dynamics. The good news is that we can easily increase our success by learning to better design our courses and tailor those to the needs of our target audiences. Some key elements to take into account when doing so are the adult learning cycle principles and the application of practical tips to deliver a great learning experience. All of this should be in line to the standards of the Training and Learning department.

    Learning objectives

    • Design learning objectives to bridge gaps in knowledge, skills and attitude. And ensure learning outcomes.

    • Distinguish Kolb's learning styles and demonstrate flexibility in the application.

    • Practice participatory training methods, manage expectations and understand the concept of brain-based learning

    • Manage group dynamics, learn to deal with resistance and create a positive learning climate.

    • Apply constructive feedback and build learner motivation

    • Communicate effectively by creating rapport, read body language and establish credibility as a trainer.


    • Type: Face-face | Length: 4 days | Trainers: (tbd)

    • Enrollment method: Personal invitation

    • Pre-requisite: (N/a)