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Results of the survey about the UTZ Academy Online

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Results of the survey about the UTZ Academy Online
by Fanny Nordberg - Wednesday, 12 June 2019, 4:32 PM

End of 2018 all users of UTZ Academy Online were invited to fill in a survey about the learning platform. We would like to thank all those who took the time to answer the survey, as your input is precious to help us to improve our service on our learning platform. We are currently looking at the future of our learning platform and will stay in touch with you with more updates.

31% of the respondents replied in English, 52% in French and 16% in Spanish. The majority of the respondents connect to the UAO weekly.

Main findings:

In general, user satisfaction is high. The UTZ Academy online is appreciated among its users as a tool to access knowledge and information about the UTZ programs.

Positive aspects that users identified:

  • Useful tool for the planning of learning
  • Users are able to learn at their pace and when it suits them most
  • The interactivity of the platform (quizzes, videos) is well appreciated

The users who answered the survey are from many different backgrounds, but they have indicated the same improvements points:

  • More interactive content and videos, and improved navigation
  • More targetting based on audience and language  

At any time, if you have feedback about the UTZ Academy Online, we would love to hear it, please send us an email at: