MultiTrace User Guidance for Cocoa Traceability

8. Transaction Upload

In order to reports transactions in bulk instead of individual reporting, MultiTrace has the Transaction upload functionality which allows you to process the following actions:

  • Trade (Sell - Purchase)
  • Mix 
  • Stock (Convert)

You can find the Transaction Upload feature under Trade

There is a step by step process which Certificate Holders need to follow in order to use this functionality in MultiTrace:

  1. Data Mapping.
  2. Populating Transaction Upload Template.
  3. Uploading Excel Template.

Data mapping

Certificate Holders need to update the Data Mapping section, in order to successfully proceed with the Transaction upload feature.

In the Data Mapping section you are required to Map the different MultiTrace terminologies with input data which you use Internally.

Example: The different Cocoa Sub-Products include (Dried Cocoa Beans, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Powder etc.) In the data mapping section you need to map down which attributes in MultiTrace relate to your required activity (Sell - Purchase - Mix - Convert) and accordingly define with it an Internal terminology.

You can click on the Add Mapping button to include a new terminology or else include a new entry to be part of your Mapping.

Note: The mapping is very important as only those fields which are mapped will be accordingly picked up when performing Bulk activity for (Sell-Purchase-Mix-Convert).

The glossary below outlines if the data mapping is mandatory or not for Cocoa Transaction Upload

Transaction Upload Template

Certificate Holders are required to populate the upload templates with relevant and mapped data.

The different templates can be downloaded from here:

You can also download the Excel file below and check which actions are Mandatory for Data Mapping and to fill in the Template for Cocoa.

Data Mapping and Template Glossary

uploading File

Once you have completed with Step 1 & 2, the next step requires you to upload the populated template.

Click on the Upload Excel button:

MultiTrace will ask you to add the file for Upload:

Please select the type of Template you are uploading

On successful processing of the file, MultiTrace will lead you to step 2 and at this point will outline how many rows it has processed to be uploaded (this varies based on how many lines of data you have added in the file).

On Successful Validation the system will Step 3 which will enable the mass upload activity initially selected (in our example we selected Convert)

As you click on Convert, the system will display the mass upload data generated:

For reference purpose please find the file template used to upload in this given example (Test Template for Convert)