MultiTrace User Guidance for Cocoa Traceability

4. Trade And Stock

4.7. Mixing

The activity ‘Mixing’ is used to mix volumes from multiple positions into a new position so that transactions can be reported in accordance with reality. This enhances the credibility of traceability.


Mixing the Origin (Creating Mixed IP).

Select one or more IP positions with different values for Certificate Holder of Origin. 

E.g: Input Position 1 = Certificate Holder Origin A, Input Position 2 = Certificate Holder Origin B
Output Position will be a Mix with Certificate Holder Origin A and Certificate Holder Origin B

Note: Mixing cannot be unmixed (in its physical state) but it can be reversed by the certificate holder that has performed the mixing activity. This is only possible as long as the mix has not been sold onwards.

Cocoa Mixing Scenarios

The below defined scenarios will help you understand the allowed Mixing process for Cocoa in MultiTrace:

Note: Mixing for Cocoa is only allowed at a single Origin Level (you cannot mix Dried Cocoa Beans from Cote d'Ivoire and Ghana)

Note: You can only Mix the same sub-product, for instance Dried Cocoa Beans can only be mixed with itself and not any other product (the same rule applies for all other products).

Traceability Level Mixing

You can Mix stocks with different Traceability Levels together (provided that the sub-product is the same)


Cocoa Liquor (IP) can be Mixed with Cocoa Liquor (Segregation) or Cocoa Liquor (Mass Balance)

Note: The output Traceability Level of the stocks will be set to the lowest which is part of the Mix 


(IP mixed with Seg = Seg)

(IP mixed with Seg/MB = MB)