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5. Trade And Stock

5.3. Conversion

Please note, that all producer stocks from Pre-merger UTZ and Pre-merger RA accounts will be will be converted to Green leaves using a backward conversion of 0.22. For Pre-merger UTZ SCAs, there will be no backward conversion, however, the variety will become the sub-product and the sub-product will become the variety.

With convert, you can reflect your processing activities and change the product into a derivative[GR1] . Conversion is only allowed in direction of physical processing (forward).

Selling Mark 

A Selling Mark must be selected when reporting the processing activity from Green Leaf to Made Tea. Please be aware that this information cannot be updated after. If the entered information is incorrect, the reported action needs to be reversed and reported again.

Adding a Selling Mark is always done in the Commodities tab. When reporting a mix of tea for example, when bulking the tea, a selling mark needs to be entered. If the selling mark is not listed, a new selling mark needs to be entered first under the Commodities tab before reporting the mix.

First you will have to click on the add button as shown in the screenshot below

Selling mark 1

You can then name your selling mark and give it a start and end date. If you do not wish to give it an end date, you can use when ever you require.

selling mark 

Garden Name

On the first transfer of ownership between a Tea Producer and a first buyer, often a Garden Name is entered. Garden marks are not used along the supply chain, but each certificate holder can maintain their own garden names in the account.

Garden name 1

Just like the selling mark, you can name your garden name and after adding the dates you can save the changes.

garden name

Select harvest year

When reporting from Certified Volume positions, please select the applicable ACV (Approved Certified Volume) record first by entering the harvest year. 


When entering a processing activity (e.g. Green Leaf to Made Tea), select a variety (e.g. Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, etc.)