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3.3. Traceability level

A program level describes the product’s traceability level. RA/UTZ offers the following program/traceability levels:

Identity Preserved (IP): The identity of a certified producer/producer group is maintained along the supply chain. The product can be traced all the way back to the producer/producer group that it originates from.
A variation of the IP traceability level is Mixed Identity Preserved (MixIP). Under this level, the product from multiple producers/producer groups is mixed, but can be traced back to this group of producers/producer groups. Requirements which apply to the IP traceability level also apply to MixIP.

Segregation (SG): RA/UTZ certified product from different producers/producer groups is mixed. The product is guaranteed to be produced by RA/UTZ certified producers/producer groups, however the identity of the specific producers is lost.