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3. Registration

If you do not have an account in Good Inside Portal/Marketplace, Pre-merger UTZ members will have to register in Good Inside Portal  and Pre-merger RA participants will have to register in Marketplace 2.0 to sell RAC tea. 


1  Add colleague users to your company account

To add more users to your company account in MultiTrace please see chapter 4.1 "Add users".

2  Company hierarchy

To link a daughter or parent company to your account please add the hierarchy information. See chapter 3.1 "Hierarchy" for details. 


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3.1 Hierarchy
3.2 Subcontractor / Intermediary 
3.3 Warehousing & Mandated Warehouses
3.4 Add sites
3.5 Traceability level
3.6 Product claim
3.5 Audit exemption
3.8 Fee Types & Finance