E-Page/MultiTrace User Guidance for Members

4. Fee Types & Finance

4.1. Invoice Reassignment

MultiTrace now has the possibility for Certificate Holders to assign the Participation Royalty/Program fee to subsequent suppliers/purchasers in the supply chain dealing with Certified Products for Coffee. 

This update for Invoice Reassignment is available and usable for Coffee Certificate Holders and Registered actors in MultiTrace. 

The instructions below act as a Guidance on how the Invoice Reassignment process can be triggered and worked upon. 


Currently there are three types of Invoice Re-assignment options available namely: 


  • Seller Reassignment (The Participation Royalty/Program Fee will be reassigned to the Supplier – this is applicable for members who have a Trade done between them in MTT) 


Actors Involved: 




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  • Buyer Reassignment (The Participation is reassigned to any Buyer who purchases Certified Coffee from you) 


Actors Involved: 




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NoteIn the Buyer Reassignment it is understood that the Supplier has already paid the Participation Royalty/Program Fee once. 

  • Full Reassignment (The Participation Royalty/Program Fee charged can be reassigned to any member listed in the MultiTrace system) 

 Actors Involved: 




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NoteAs of January 2021, the invoicing of the participation royalty/program fee has shifted from the packers/roasters to the first buyer (outside origin country of the Supplier) 


Invoice reassignment 


Members can access/setup the Invoice Reassignment toll from the Finance Tab in MultiTrace. 


1st buyer 


To set up a Reassignment you need to click on the Active button under the Reassignments Section and the system will give you the option to process a New Reassignment Request. 



Please add the required Mandatory details in the Window which pops-up: 


Text BoxShape 

 Once the Reassignment Agreement is added the Member Reassigned to, needs to confirm the process (until the confirmation is not done from the Reassigned Member, the Agreement will be in Pending Status) 


Reassignment requested 


You can withdraw the Agreement as well if required! 

Simultaneously the member with whom the Reassignment Agreement has been made will receive the request to Accept/Reject the Agreement. 



Once accepted the Reassigned Member also has the option to Revoke the Agreement: 




There is a Requests Overview available for all accounts now under the Finance section to review the Requests connected to the Invoice Reassignments. 

Requests raised Requests Raised: Shows the Pending and Active Invoice Reassignments processed by the Account. 

 Note: This section is only for the accounts who have logged the agreement for reassignment with another account. 

 Requests ReceivedShows the Pending and Active Invoice Reassignments received by the account to confirm. 


Note: This section is only for the accounts who have received the agreement for reassignment from another account. 



The invoicing cycle for pre-merger UTZ Coffee is done monthly. 


The system calculates the applicable charged participation royalty/program fee over the month and bills it accordingly at the end of the month. 


When an account has selected any of the Invoice Reassignment types in MultiTrace, the Invoice lines are debited and then accordingly credited. 



Invoicing mechanism 


In the screenshot above account 1st Buyer has reassigned the fee to its supplier due to which in the Invoice line you can see a Debit and Credit line (accordingly a debit line will be created for the reassigned member)