E-Page/MultiTrace User Guidance for Members

6. Trading & Stock

6.7. Mixing Varieties and Perfect Blending

Information in this chapter is applicable for the Coffee program.

The Trading & Stock activity ‘Mixing’ is used to mix volumes from multiple positions into a new position so that transactions can be reported in accordance with reality. This enhances the credibility of traceability.

Mixing can be used for two different purposes (and can be combined in one mix activity) 

  • Mixing Variety
    You can select multiple positions with different values for Variety. 
    E.g: Input Position 1 = Arabica, Input Position 2 = Robusta.
    Output Position Variety will be mixed. 
  • Mixing the Origin (Creating Mixed IP).
    Select one or more IP positions with different values for Member of Origin. 
    E.g: Input Position 1 = Member Origin A, Input Position 1 = Member Origin B
    Output Position will be a Mix with Member Origin A and Member Origin B
  • Mixing Variety and Member of Origin in one activity
    Input Position 1 = Arabica and Member Origin A and Member Origin B, 
    Input Position 2 = Robusta and Member Origin A and Member Origin X. 

If Certified Volume is being mixed, the output stock position will become “Certified Product”.

Mixing cannot be unmixed but it can be reversed by the member that has performed the mixing activity. This is only possible as long as the mix has not been sold onwards.

The mixing activity can only be entered by the member that owns the product or has the stock position on its location.

If you are not able to report a mixing activity, please see if you have an active license or make sure that you are indicated as mandated in the account of the owner of the product.

When using Mix it is recommended to add a description so you can identify the action. This is meant for your own administration.

Perfect Blending

For the traceability levels Segregation (SG) and Mass Balance (MB) we apply perfect blending to be able to carry a footprint along the supply chain. If a product is not sold as IP, perfect blending is applied.

When trading volumes in the traceability level SG and MB, the volumes in your stock positions change according to this perfect blending. Please find below an example of how perfect blending is applied to stock positions.

Warehouse X stores volumes of Member A and B on SG level.
Member A has volumes that contain products from two producers (#1 and #2)
Member B has volumes that contain products from one producer (#3)
A sell of 30 MT is confirmed from a SG volume (position) that is stored in the warehouse.

The sold 30 MT is 25% of the Total 120 MT in warehouse X.
As a result the sell of 30 will be a sell of 25 from a position owned by member A and 5 from a position owned by member B.


If you have questions or need support in using MultiTrace please contact us at customersuccess@ra.org.