E-Page/MultiTrace User Guidance for Members

3. Registration

3.3. Warehousing & Mandated Warehouses

Warehousing & Mandated Warehouses

Warehouses support producers in keeping their stocks safe, keeping the qualities and streaming the product to their buyers and final destinations. A warehouse can have a stock position (in consignment) which isn't owned by that warehouse. A mandated warehouse can report activities on behalf of a producer/supply chain actor, only for positions that are stored in that warehouse and as long as that warehouse has an active license.

To see how to use the stock activities in MultiTrace, please see the chapter Trading & Stock.

To be able to use Trading & Stock, please make sure you register your activities correctly. A mandated warehouse needs to have their own registered account in MultiTrace to be able to enter activities on behalf of the owner of the product. Please see chapter 3 “Registration” to see how to register your warehouse. If the warehouse is indicated as a subcontractor in the scope of the owner, the owner is responsible for reporting in MultiTrace.

Warehousing and registered activities in MultiTrace

When registering in MultiTrace you are asked to indicate your activities. If an activity is missing in your account or you want to update your activities due to an incorrect selection during registration, please see chapter 4.5 Update your activities. A warehouse can have the activity warehousing only or can have multiple activities. The following activities can apply to warehousing:

  • Warehousing
  • Dry Processing
  • Wet Processing
  • Milling
  • Monsooning
  • Packing
  • Import/Export
  • Trade Business to Business

The Warehousing Process

 Once a producer or supply chain actor sends the (unsorted) tea to the warehouse, the warehouse weights and proceeds with one of the following:

1)     The warehouse delivers the tea to the buyer the way it was received. This happens with or without physical change.

2)     The owner of the product asks the warehouse to prepare/machinate the product (sorting, grading, blending and/or packing).

The preparation and delivery can only happen under an order of the owner of the product. A warehouse that also trades, can buy the product of the owner and carry out the activities that are in their license scope.