E-Page/MultiTrace User Guidance for Members

5. Manage your settings

5.4. Maintain trade partners

Trusted and Mandated Trade Partners

Members can declare other members as trusted and mandated.
A mandated member needs to have their own registered account in MultiTrace to be able to enter activities on behalf of the owner of the product.

To manage your trade partners please enter the section “Maintain Trade Partners” under Quick Actions on your Dashboard.

Click “Add” on the top right to add a trade partner to your list. Select “trusted” and/or “mandated”. Your selection will give rights to the added trade partner to perform trading and stock activities on your behalf, based on your selection.

When trade partners are indicated as Trusted, all transactions reported by those “trusted partners” will be automatically confirmed.

When trade partners are indicated as Mandated and they have the volumes at their location, they will be able to Sell and Purchase from the stock positions of the owner and use the ‘Deliver’ and ‘Receipt’ functionality. Please see the chapter “Trading & Stock” for all trading and stock activities.