E-Page/MultiTrace User Guidance for Members

6. Trading & Stock

6.5. Remove Volume

You should remove volumes if they are spoiled (due to mold, pest, fire, etc.) – hence cannot be used – , or purchased as multi-certified and sold under another certification scheme that is not Rainforest Alliance.

Harvested products are sent from producers to warehouses together with a considerable amount of waste and impurities that need to be removed. Mandated warehouses can report the waste and remove it.

The Remove function may only be used under special circumstances by manufacturers of half-finished, consumer-end, or food service products: To correct discrepancies between volumes reported in MultiTrace and real volume received after the system transactions have been confirmed or to correct discrepancies between qualities purchased and qualities received after transactions have been confirmed.

If you work with products with traceability level Mass Balance (MB), you must remove volumes only if the pure product is purchased as multi-certified (e.g. UTZ+Fairtrade), and then sold under a certification scheme that is not Rainforest Alliance (e.g. only Fairtrade). 

Note: IP/SG pure product could also be downgraded to MB, in which case redeem applies.

To see how to perform this activity, please have a look at the instruction video in chapter 1. Introduction - Quick Start.