E-Page/MultiTrace User Guidance for Members

6. Trading & Stock

6.4. Redeem Volume

Redeem marks the end of the online traceability system for pure Rainforest Alliance products. Manufacturers of half-finished, consumer-end or food service products (e.g. coffee extract, aroma, color, liquor, or any other coffee-based product) must report the stock activity Redeem for all Rainforest Alliance volumes when:

  •  Products are packaged and sold as a consumer-end product with Rainforest Alliance claim (on- or off-pack);
  •  Products are mixed with ingredients different to the pure product (e.g. chocolate, oil) or manufactured into extracts, aroma etc., and then claimed as Rainforest Alliance (on- or off-pack);
  •  The company operates under a non-claiming exemption. It is not allowed to accumulate credits and any volume that was purchased as Rainforest Alliance and used for production must be redeemed.

Reporting Redeem triggers the generation of an invoice for the program fee.

To see how to perform this activity, please have a look at the instruction video in chapter 1. Introduction - Quick Start.

If a warehouse is mandated by the owner of a product, the warehouse can redeem volumes from the stock position of the owner.