E-Page/MultiTrace User Guidance for Members

6. Trading & Stock

6.3. Conversion

With convert, you can reflect your processing activities and change the product into a derivative. This activity is also used under the Mass Balance traceability level when you want to apply credits to another product. 

Conversion is only allowed in direction of physical processing (forward). The conversion rates and rules of the different products can be found in the product specific Chain of Custody Standard on our website.

When you mix for example coffee (at IP level) from different producers/producer groups you must indicate in your stock activity that the volume is mixed. The mixed volume will retain information about the producers’ names and their respective volumes included in the mix.

Only if a warehouse is mandated by the owner of the product, the warehouse can report a conversion on stock positions that are stored in that warehouse.

To see how to perform this activity, please have a look at the instruction video in chapter 1. Introduction - Quick Start.