E-Page/MultiTrace User Guidance for Members

6. Trading & Stock

6.2. Sell & Purchase

Sell: Report a trade of volume from your stock position to a buyer or sell on behalf of the owner. Transactions must represent one or multiple physical deliveries. The information in the transaction (volume, quality, etc.) must be the same as the information reflected in the documentation accompanying the physical delivery. Make sure your buyer has the applicable traceability level in their license, if not the level will automatically be downgraded.

Purchase: This is a transfer of ownership similar to ‘sell’ but entered from the side of the buyer. The buyer can for example be a mandated warehouse.

Reverse a transaction

If a trade has been confirmed that contains an error, please use the 'Reverse' functionality as soon as you discover the mistake. It is very important to request the reversal of the trade as soon as possible and before selling volumes onward or Redeeming the volume to prevent causing complexities throughout the supply chain. Please note, it may not always be possible to reverse a trade if further actions have been taken. It is not possible to Reverse a trade that is older than 1 year old. 

The other party will then need to CONFIRM or REJECT the reversal.

Confirm reversal

If your buyer or seller has requested the reversal of a trade, and you agree please CONFIRM the reversal. 

Reject reversal

If your buyer or seller has requested the reversal of a trade, and you disagree please REJECT the reversal, you can indicate the reason why you reject it.

Specify Preferred Member of origin

When reporting a sell, you first must select from what position you have sold the amount. Stock positions are listed per Type, Variety, Sub product, Traceability level, Reference, Location and available volume in the list.   

After selecting the stock position, if the traceability level is IP, you can further specify the origin of the sold products, by selecting the member of origin in the list:

Reference numbers and finding volumes from a specific transaction in the list in stock positions

Traded volumes are aggregated by identifying attributes, like Green coffee and Arabica. When reporting a trade, you will identify your products in stock by their characteristics.

Another way to identify your products in stock is to use the transaction specific Reference information. Transactions that carry a reference number will be listed in your stock overview.

Option to aggregate volumes

The Trading & Stock section lists by default the view of volumes carrying reference information. If you do not prefer to view all transactions listed with their reference numbers, you can change the setting to aggregate volumes in MultiTrace.

Note that past aggregated volumes will remain as they are. Transactions are listed with their reference number. If you want future transactions to be aggregated, please go to your dashboard to change this setting.

Shared Responsibility 

For producers and first buyers of 2020 Rainforest Alliance Standard volumes, agreed rates  of Sustainability Differential (SD) and Sustainability Investment (SI) need to be entered in the transaction:  

Graphical user interface, text, application, email

Description automatically generated

The traceability platform facilitates recording as follows:  

  • When entering a sales transaction in the traceability platform, the farm CH indicates the SD amount agreed in the contract in the field “SD agreed” of the transaction details.  

  • When entering a sales transaction in the traceability platform, the farm CH indicates the SI amount agreed in the contract in the field “SI agreed”.