E-Page/MultiTrace User Guidance for Members

3. Registration

3.4. Traceability level

A program level describes the product’s traceability level. Rainforest Alliance offers the following program/traceability levels:

Identity Preserved (IP): The identity of a certified producer/producer group is maintained along the supply chain. The product can be traced all the way back to the producer/producer group that it originates from.
A variation of the IP traceability level is Mixed Identity Preserved (MixIP). Under this level, the product from multiple producers/producer groups is mixed, but can be traced back to this group of producers/producer groups. Requirements which apply to the IP traceability level also apply to MixIP.

Segregated (SG): Rainforest Alliance certified product from different producers/producer groups is mixed. The product is guaranteed to be produced by Rainforest Alliance certified producers/producer groups, however the identity of the specific producers is lost.

Mass Balance (MB): Administrative traceability of a certified product. Mass balance traceability allows a proportion of the outputs of an SCA to be sold with an Rainforest Alliance Certified MB claim, corresponding to the quantity of Rainforest Alliance certified inputs (and considering the conversion rates). MB is the lowest program level.

Please note that only program levels that you are certified/licensed for will be available in your account in the traceability system. In addition, not every program level is available for every product. Please contact Rainforest Alliance if you want to learn more about certification rules at: certification@ra.org if you are a certification body, or customersuccess@ra.org if you are a member.