E-Page/MultiTrace User Guidance for Members

3. Registration

3.1. Hierarchy

The hierarchy indicates the parent-daughter relationship your company might have. That hierarchical relation has an effect on the fees and the payment structure. Membership fee is not applicable for Coffee.

In general, the parent company receives the invoice for the combined membership fee for all companies in this structure.

In the rare case that not the mother, but the daughter company should receive all invoices, the billing address can be adjusted under the account of the mother company in MultiTrace. Please note that all invoices issued to all daughter companies in the hierarchy will be sent to the mother companies' billing address.

To change the billing address, please see chapter 5.3 "Change address".

I've added or removed a parent or daughter company: when will the fees change?

If the parent or daughter company is added within 4 weeks after registration, the membership fee will be adjusted before invoicing.

If the parent or daughter company is added after 4 weeks, the membership fee will be charged to the paying company from the following year onward. Program fee (if applicable) will be invoiced to the new paying company from the coming month onward.