E-Page/MultiTrace User Guidance for Members

3. Registration

To get started with your registration, please visit our website. 



 Quick setup of your company account

Have a look at the Quick Start guides in the first chapter "1. Introduction - Quick Start ".

1  Add a commodity

The first step after completing the registration on MultiTrace is to add a commodity to your registered company account. Please see chapter 5.4 "Manage commodities" to see how to add a commodity. 

After having added a commodity, please see if your company activities are registered and complete. You can see how to manage your company activities in chapter 5.6 "Update activities". Please see chapter 5.6 "Update activities" if you are already registered and want to update your company activities.

2  Add colleague users to your company account

To add more users to your company account in MultiTrace please see chapter 5.1 "Add users".

3  Company hierarchy

To link a daughter or parent company to your account please add the hierarchy information. See chapter 3.1 "Hierarchy" for details. 

Please use the table of contents on the right side to navigate through the content.

3.1 Hierarchy
3.2 Subcontractor / Intermediary
3.3 Warehousing & Mandated Warehouses
3.4 Traceability level
3.5 Audit exemption
3.6 Deregister