E-Page/MultiTrace User Guidance for Members

1. Introduction - Quick Start

1.1. What is MultiTrace?

MultiTrace is a future proof traceability system facilitating our partners’ growing demand for credible certified farm data. It supports a new and improved way of working between the Rainforest Alliance and certification bodies, farmers and companies which will ensure better data quality, accessibility and transparency. 

MultiTrace lays the foundation for future innovations. In our new vision of certification, the data flow starts at the farmer and in time, this should come to include the smallholder farmer. The future ability to access farmer data and tap into other data sources will create a more holistic view of the supply chain. This will give us all better insights to act upon, so that together we can contribute to a world where people and nature thrive in harmony.

Why is traceability important?

The purpose of MultiTrace is to safeguard the traceability of certified products throughout the supply chain and to enable certification and licensing.

Reporting purchases, sales and processing activities of certified products is a requirement of the certification standard. 


It is required to update your trading stock at least once every three months

Volumes sold as certified should be recorded at the latest two weeks after the end of the quarter within which the shipment took placeTo keep a better and clearer overview of your available volumes and open transactions, we recommend you to update your Trading & Stock more frequently.

It is very important to perform transactions so your buyer has the purchased volumes available for their own processing/trading activities in MultiTrace.

The use of the traceability system will be checked during your (surprise) audit, and when done correctly, it will avoid non-conformities.