4. Audit preparation

4.2. Self Assessment member

Once the audit planning is initiated by the CB and accepted by the member in MultiTrace, the member needs to prepare for the audit by submitting information such as their sites, subcontractors, intermediaries, the group member registry, a management plan and self assessment. 

Please see the instruction video Plan Audit in chapter 1. Introduction - Quick Start to see what you need to do as a Certification Body before the audit takes place.

Both Code of Conduct as Chain of Custody license scopes have their own Self Assessment templates. The member with a license scope for both Code of Conduct as Chain of Custody needs to upload a Self Assessment template for each.  

Please prepare for the audit by reviewing the documentation submitted by the member and confirm that the documentation is complete. 

The data can be confirmed every time new information is uploaded by the member. This can be done until the last day prior to the audit.