How to use the Online Traceability System in GIP

2. Where to find the Traceability System

2.1. Products and Activities

Products available in the Traceability System (only pure products)
Activities in the System
Following activities can be performed from different supply chain actors in the system:

If your company buys or sells any of the above mentioned pure UTZ certified products, you will need to reflect this in the Traceability System.

If you mix pure products with other ingredients (e.g. sugar, milk) and/or process them to (semi-)finished products, you will need to perform the stock activity trace to reflect this process. 

Find the instructions on how to perform these activities in chapter 3.

Products/activities outside of the Traceability System (non-pure products)

If your company purchases non-pure products (e.g. chocolate, soluble coffee, tea extract), this cannot be reflected in the Traceability System.

For cocoa products, all activities regarding non-pure products need to be reported in a credit account. Please receive further information in our E-course on credit account.