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TEMPLATE - CBI21 - Face to Face - Internal CB instructor training on the 2020 RA program, CB - (Place) - YYYY/MM/DD-DD

This is the training for instructors within the Ecocert Group.

It is compulsory to get all sections done and pass the final exam. Then, the rest of the requirements for instructors (as per the CB Rules v1.1. 31st Jan 2021) must be met before starting a training intervention for Ecocert auditors.

ISA61 - F2F - 2020 SAS and Certification Rules, Huangzhou - China - 2021/04/1-12

The merger of the Rainforest Alliance and UTZ in 2018 was a natural moment for us to combine our experience and develop a strong, forward-looking approach to certification that is fit for the challenges now facing sustainable agriculture and related supply chains.  This training is designed to support IMS managers with the implementation of all the relevant changes. These requirements can help farmers to produce better crops, adapt to climate change, increase their productivity, set goals to achieve their sustainability performance and target investments to address their greatest risks.

Learning objectives

  • Recognize which topics in the new standard are relevant for pre-merger RA - and pre-merger UTZ -Certified members.

  • Interpret standard requirements for implementation in your own situation.

  • Understand how to apply the key tools in the standard risk, including the risk assessment tool, the self assessment and management plan.

  • Recognize what geo-location data to collect in your situation.

  • Determine how to apply the elements of the new assess and address system in your situation.

  • Construct a basic IPM strategy.


  • Type: Face 2 face | Length: 4-5 days | Trainer: (tbd)

  • Enrollment method: Personal invitation