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by Sam Anders - Thursday, 15 July 2021, 12:30 PM
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A while ago there was this funny post on Roosh’s forum about a guy who chased down a cute girl who left a club and eventually ended up making out with her. The proposed question was if following her was an alpha move or not. What followed next was one of the funniest meme I’ve ever read where forum members where posting hilarious made up scenarios where they end up banging a hot girl and then asking was it alpha or not. For example

“I just took Kate Upton to dinner paid for her meal and drinks, took her back to my place where she proceeded to let me ATM her…. was this alpha”


“I left the club with two chicks paid for the cab ride back to one of their apartments and had a threesome, filmed it and posted it on pornhub…. was this alpha”

This just goes demonstrated how crazy and out of control the whole “alpha” conversation has become. From what I can tell it comes from younger guys getting into game trying to make sure they’re giving off the right masculine vibe to keep girls attracted and interested. To this end there is a need for the Alpha conversation. But at the same time don’t let the fear of coming off looking like a beta cripple you.

What should be pointed out is that that the term alpha can be very vague and covers a whole range of actions, emotions and way of being. Better yet My Alpha is different than Your Alpha or no two alphas are the same. You’ll find yourself getting into trouble when you begin basing all of your actions on what other people consider alpha or not, you’ll question every move you make and decisions will take longer than needed to escalate a romantic situation. Be weary of guys who try and tell you all alphas look this way, dress this way, talk that way.

My advice to young dudes coming up trying to get into the game, learn how to do you. The only true definition of an alpha is one who isn’t a follower. Learn how to do things because YOU want to, not to impress a girl or the girl you want and for fucks sake not to impress a bunch of dudes claiming to know what alpha is. You want to take a chick to dinner fucking to take her to dinner if you can afford it. You want to set up a date on a Friday night fucking take her out on a Friday night. Whatever it is just don’t come off looking needy and you should be ok.

Lastly if you’re hanging out with a group of guys avoid getting into a competition over who can be more alpha than the next guy. It’s very simple to fall into this trap especially with a group of guys three or more. At best you end up spending the night competing and trying to show of in front of your friends instead of actually enjoying each others company at worst the night can quickly end up looking like a fraternity reunion. If you’re really an alpha and even the alpha of the group learn how to relax and let the other guy carry the burden. You don’t have to make decisions on where you go next, what spots to post up at, girls to open . You can actually enjoy the night with no pressure.

If you’re an alpha male you don’t need to prove it to anyone, you don’t need to announce it to the world when you walk into a room. Just play by your own rules and learn when to turn it on or off. There’s something more alluring about the guy you seeing whispering game to a cute girl one minute you look away and look back and they’re both gone.


Anyone in the world

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ~Leonardo DaVinci

I arrived by plane into Santiago Chile late one evening after a very long night in Arica Chile taking in the potent eye candy of Carnival festival.

With nothing but two small bags and my back pack containing my laptop and cameras, (my virtual office) I stroll easily through the baggage claim and out the front doors of the airport, taking in the first breath of yet another new world full of experiences preparing to unfold…already in the process of unfolding.

More and more when I travel I try to avoid planning anything in advance, usually booking most of my plans the day of my departure. The urge for such change usually comes the day before or even in the morning of “that its time to go”. I try to trust this urge and move with the invisible current of life that ever so gently, pulls me along…Is pulling us all along.

In an ongoing effort to submit to the flow, I have developed a new habit of entrusting the first taxi driver that approaches me at the bus stations or airports to take me to a place he recommends. I tell him what I am looking to spend, what type of things I want to be near and I leave the rest to my new friend.

Not all places have been to my immediate liking, but they have all served me well in my own evolution in the end.

To me this is the essence of entrusting in the moment. And I have found, beyond a shadow of a doubt, by operating this way I allow the spontaneous unfolding of necessary experiences to manifest in my life naturally.

To be honest, since my arrival in South America by continually practicing non resistance to the moment regardless of what is happening, my life has become nothing short of magical and has more or less taken on the irony of a very good movie.

Looking back, all of my experiences have been progressive in nature, each leading to the next in perfect harmony and presenting important lessons and fascinating experiences that always seem to help me in future situations very soon after.

In the case of arriving in Chile, I was referred to a newly renovated hostel in the East part of Santiago.

I am told I will love it and what happens next doesn’t surprise me…

When we arrive at the hostel there is exactly one room left and the price is exactly what I told the taxi driver I was looking for. It’s close to the Metro and great restaurants.

I am greeted by a man about my age who happens to be the nephew of the owner, who happens to be a famous artist in Chile, who happened to renovate the building a year prior and decorate the entire place with his works of art…The renovation itself was a work of art.

He shows me to my room, beautiful and cozy, and the nephew already eager to show me around the city the next day.

Throughout the course of the week, after sharing many meals and conversations with family, I also become like family.

In the mornings, the grandmother kisses me on the cheek like her own son and serves me breakfast, making certain I’ve had enough. A nice feeling that immediately brings back memories of my own grandma. So far so good…

The nephew of the owner indeed takes me around Santiago and shows me places I would have never dreamed of finding on my own…Falling in love with Chile begins which leads to my eventual renting of a condo here.

During my stay I catch a glimpse of the joy of eventually owning my own hotel or bed and breakfast will be like. Seeds are planted.

As I fall asleep at night I revel in the feeling that this is my new life and that although this experience is amazing, that many more await in the years to come. Things unfathomable to my current reality, but soon to become a part of me…soon to shape my character and teach me more about this amazing thing called life. I cherish it and the feeling in my body.

I close my eyes and feel the peace once again that comes from simplicity. “This is how life is supposed to be” I tell myself, and the thought of word destiny is all I can think of.



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by Sam Anders - Thursday, 24 June 2021, 4:39 PM
Anyone in the world

So, Friday night I met Catherinette and Foxy out at a restaurant named for a number by a certain park in the city. (I’m being coy for the search engines folks.) Like the total rockstar I am, I had fallen asleep on the couch earlier in the evening and Catherinette became concerned upon learning this news and ordered me to get dressed and exit the apartment immediately. My version of immediately is a little slow, so I was really late. But I got there. And I even parked my own car. Take that!

Anyway, Foxy turned into a pumpkin at an early hour but Catherinette and I partied on like good little soldiers. After much discussion we headed to another part of town to a bar neither one of us usually frequents. And after Friday night, likely we never will again.

First of all, it was loud. But we totally knew that was coming, so we were mellow about the situation. We got inside, shoved our way past two couples who were perhaps about to have a very intimate moment in the middle of the bar, and made our way upstairs. We finally shoved into a room that was slightly less crowded and made our way over to the bar. Beers in hand we were starting to feel a bit better about the situation and had gotten to the serious business of mocking the other patrons. There were bad fashion choices and even worse dancing skills. In one notable case, we found ourselves unable to look away. The horrible moves were mesmerizing. And hilarious.

All was well and good until the bar fights started. First there was beer all over the floor, then there was a pile of men duking it out. The bad dancer even stopped dancing so he could take in the scene. The staff broke it up, we shrugged a little, and went back to our beers. That’s when the second fight went down. More men on the floor… this time dangerously close to where we stood. And the bad dancer started cheering this time. The music was turned off, the lights came on, and security was paged. We downed the remainder of our beers and got out of dodge with a resolution never to return. Which was renewed when we scurried past the police on the way out.

Yes folks, that’s right. It is nothing but KLASSY when we go out together. You know you want in on this action.


It is just a random Saturday morning in my mind. Naturally, I’m inviting you all to visit for a bit.

  • My cat threw up somewhere this morning. I heard her do it and have no idea where she was. I need to find that.
  • Zombie guy and I still talk sometimes. He wants to be friends. Every time he IMs me, all I can think of is him naked. This is not good.
  • I have been jonesing for a ginger mojito for at least a week now. If I don’t get one tonight, I’m quite possibly going to shrivel up and die.
  • I need to lose weight, but am kind of unwilling to diet. I only need to lose a little. Think I can find a way to do this? (I know you’re going to tell me to exercise, I just know it.)
  • I am still waffling about having Mr. Big move in with me. Part of me has some very compelling reasons why it is a terrible idea.
  • I need to schedule a yearly check up for the cat. Why did that not occur to me when she was vomiting? That’s weird.
  • For some reason I like to eat leftovers without reheating them. Of just about anything. I’m pretty sure this disgusts the majority of the population. Sorry about that.
  • I should really buy the soundtrack to Rent. Why haven’t I done that before now?

See? My mind is a scary place to be.

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by Sam Anders - Thursday, 10 June 2021, 4:58 PM
Anyone in the world

In an effort to prove my friend’s theory that sex has healing tendencies, I decided to do a bit of experimenting myself and call up a fuck buddy for some TLC. There is nothing worst then being sick and alone. Rob had sent me a text message yesterday seeing if I wanted to meet up. I told him I was home with a cold. He suggested he come by today and we could play patient and doctor. Rob and I had met about a year ago at a gay networking night. We had then met again one winter night online. It was good no strings sex. Rob was a typical Aussie bloke; he drank beer and played rugby...and liked to play doctor!

Back to sex and healing. My friend Karl who is a doctor has a theory that sex can actually heal. Can it really? There is actually some science to back this up...

Psychologists in America have shown that people who have sex once or twice a week get a boost their immune system. This is the total opposite to what happens to me. I normally get sick from pashing sickly Europeans.

This same American study also found that sex can help prevent colds. Immunoglobulin A (lgA) is an antigen found in saliva and mucous. So if you kiss a lot, you will have high levels of lgA which is the first defense against colds and flu. So start kissing…

That random pash can spare you from days in bed. The saliva binds to bacteria that invades the body and then activates the immune system to destroy them. The more sex and kissing you do, the higher levels of lgA you have.

Kissing is not the only healthy sexual behaviour. It seems semen is on the list of doctor’s orders. Yes, semen! American author Gordon Gallup, a psychology professor at the State University of New York, thinks sexual healing may be caused by some unknown chemical in semen.

Semen is protein after all…it is a nutritious medium that supports spermatozoa on their journey to the egg. It seems semen is a "rich chemical brine, containing testosterone, estrogen and other hormones: prostaglandins, as well as luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone,” according to Gallup. If only they could do something about that taste! Yum!
Gallup goes on further to suggest that semen is like a drug and it can be addictive. Gay men could have told you that! When women or men do not get it, there is withdrawal. He based his findings on research with couples who did not use condoms and where semen was released freely. These women were happier than those couples who used condoms. When the women who were used to getting semen started using condoms, they became moody and there was an effect on libido.

The downside of not using condoms is HIV and other STIs. So Gallup stresses that the positive benefits of semen do not outweigh the risks of unsafe sex. But I hear that semen can be good on your face, good for moisturising and getting rid of those fine lines.

So how did my experiment turn out? I did try some semen and I feel so much better. My sinuses have cleared up and my energy level are better. Who would have thought that a rugby player would have been just what the doctor ordered! Have you been healed by sex?


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by Sam Anders - Tuesday, 25 May 2021, 5:26 PM
Anyone in the world

Standing in the middle of the bar, throwing out my vibe, I glance over at one of the tables to see a sultry sexy woman staring back. It’s Sexy English Teacher. I’ve recently been seeing her around the neighborhood. We’ve been flirting each time we bump into each other but the encounters are not usually long enough to escalate things. Also, she is usually with another guy. The same is true for this night. There is another guy sitting with her.

While telling a story to another group of female friends I feel a hand slide over the back of my shoulders and down the side of my back. I turn my head to see English Teacher walking back to her table while glaring at me. I turn back to my group to resume conversation but it quickly tangents into a more scandalous thread.

“Oh my god. That girl was totally flirting with you! Do you know her?” says Carrie

“Yea, she’s been flirting with me a lot lately, but she is always with some dude.” I reply

“Wait a second, that’s your english teacher you’ve told us about. Oh my god, that is just wrong.”

“What’s wrong about it? Thats like my ultimate fantasy….to bang my English professor” I respond, “besides it’s not like she’s still my professor, I had her for class over three years ago.”

“I don’t care, it’s still not right.” exclaims Carrie

“Hmmmm, I think someone’s a little jealous” I say with a smirk

“You’re unbelievable. What can you possibly see in this girl?” Carrie asks

“Three things: smart, sexy, and fun. That’s a winning combination in my book.”

Carrie and I continue on with our debate. It occurs to me that Carrie and English Teacher must have had a little spat some time ago, which would explain her disapproval in my flirting with Sexy English Teacher. I’m not getting anywhere justifying myself so I change the topic.

At the end of the night, I’m standing by the door about to leave when I see Sexy English Teacher walking out with her guy friend. She approaches me and gives a surprising spank on my ass. I give her a glare and say, “That was bad,” then I return the gesture and give her a quick slap on the ass. She smirks and tells me that she’s leaving.

“Good night. I’ll see you around ok?” she says

“Yea we’ll have to do something sometime,” I say, “have a good night.”

I then grab her hand and give her a twirl, pull her in close to me and have her kiss my cheek. With that she smiles and leaves. Just as the last time her male friend didn’t look very pleased but oh well. Alls fair in love and war, right?



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by Sam Anders - Thursday, 20 May 2021, 5:04 PM
Anyone in the world

On the plane home this weekend, we hit turbulence. Bad turbulence.

And so there I was, at I don’t know how many thousands of feet up in the air, thinking, well, this is it. This is how I’m going to die — alone (well, everyone else was a stranger); halfway through my Nick Hornby novel; the Avett Brothers playing on my iPod; “The Office” on the airplane TV screen; without saying “I love you” to The Kid and Sean; more than 72 hours since I’d gotten laid; a borrowed fleece jacket needing to be returned; a load of laundry still in the dryer; wearing plain ol’ panties (no need to waste a thong on the parents, don’t you think?); and so much more that I wanted to do.

The stuff of life — and death. 

It was all rather depressing, even if I weren’t among those who were going to be offed in a Boeing 757 swan dive somewhere in the desert.

“I almost died,” I told Sean, calling from the Airporter on the way home.

“Obviously you didn’t because we’re talking, and as far as I know I don’t communicate with the dead nor would I chose to even if I could.”

No sympathy there. So I called Sara. She wasn’t any more comforting.

“Don’t you think you’re being a little dramatic, Kat?”

“Not really. I could have died.”

“And, we’d throw you a helluva funeral. With flowers and crying. I promise I’d say nice things about you and watch after Trent.”

“Thanks; that’s really reassuring,” I said, sarcastically.

“Anyway death is the only certainty in life, you know? Embrace it.”

Hmm, well, I know it’s inevitable. But, a plane crash isn’t how I envision making my final departure, not that we can choose those things.

I don’t want to think about dying because whenever I do, I picture me dying young, fit and energetic — way too young to die! Which, of course, is silly because the biggest death in my life has already happened, the death of my youth. It’s been dying so gradually, I was barely conscious of it until I hit midlife and thought — WTF? I may act and feel youthful, but there’s no denying that I’m on that cosmic luge racing toward the age of slippery memories and shriveling bodies. I will be 70 in just a few more years than The Kid has been alive — and wasn’t he a baby just a few years ago?

I’m not ready for it, even if 70 is the new 60. I don’t especially want to be 60, either. Given the alternative, however, I choose 60 — for now.

But, when I’m just a shadow of myself, frail and faltering, with people talking euphemistically about my “condition” and badgering me, “Kat, do you remember who I am?,” why would I want to continue on? Like Caesar said to the bedraggled, old soldier who told him that he was tired of living: “Thou fanciest, then, that thou art yet alive.”

Yes, well, whatever.

We all fear death; maybe what we really should fear is not living.

I don’t want to be one of those people who have a near-death experience and suddenly get their priorities straight and start living as if each day was the last. I want to live now — it’s all that exists. And, if that means I have to have the taste of death on my tongue every day to remember, so be it.

So, here’s my plan to “embrace” death and, thus, life — have more orgasms. The French don’t call it “la petite mort” — aka “the little death” — for nothing. And, really, if death is even a little bit like that, well, what’s to fear?

  • Do you fear dying?
  • Has a near-death experience changed your perspective?
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by Sam Anders - Tuesday, 4 May 2021, 5:27 PM
Anyone in the world

Teresa joined a new on-line dating site … very excited to meet new men.

To attract a quality man, she did everything right on her dating profile.

She posted professional photos of herself looking good and smiling at the camera … warm, friendly, engaging …

She kept her answers short and sweet.

Since she wants to attract a man who will cherish her, Teresa steered clear of work related business and listed social activities and hobbies she enjoys.

Naturally she attracted men.

A cute man who lived nearby requested to video speed date with her.  “Cool,” Teresa thought.

CUT TO:  The Video Date

“Hi,” he said.

“Hi,” Teresa responded.  “Is this Douglas?  I’m very new to this.”

“This is Douglas,” he replied.  “Are you dominant?”

“What do you mean?”  Teresa asked.

“Then you’re probably not.  I am looking for someone who is dominant in bed.”


Okay.  Let’s look at this …

First of all, Douglas has every right to be who he is, want what he wants and ask for it.  However, this kind of behavior can be very disturbing for a woman … especially during the first encounter.

Putting yourself out there to meet new men is intimidating enough.  It’s more challenging when men are insensitive and ask for sex after “hello.”

Who could blame a woman from turning away from men and giving up on romance?

Every single person has dating nightmares.  (I made a movie about some of them …  )  It’s the darker side of romance. The part you don’t want to experience when you’re searching for true love’s bliss …

Fortunately, not all men are rude, insensitive and just want sex … okay, they want sex, but aren’t so blatant about it!  Many men are seriously seeking a woman to love and cherish.

As shocking as it is … as emotionally upsetting … as off balance as it makes you feel, you must rise above!  You must continue your journey to meet your man!

You are not responsible for  a man’s crude, rude and insensitive behavior.  You are only responsible for your reaction to it.

Hang up.  Leave.  Walk away.  Do not engage.  This man is not your man.

The good news is, he is telling you who he is sooner rather than later so no more time is wasted.

There is NO WAY you can know how a man will behave until you have the opportunity of meeting him … on the phone, via internet or in person.

The best you can do is prepare yourself by knowing situations like this do happen … and it could happen to you.

Do your best to stay grounded.  His behavior is no reflection on you.  You are a magnificent woman!

According to anthropologist, Helen Fisher, this is the best time in our history to be single because you have soooooo many choices …

Life’s greatest prize is finding a great partner.  Your man is out there.  Know that … and carry on!


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by Sam Anders - Friday, 30 April 2021, 2:22 PM
Anyone in the world

Seseorang yang mencintai kamu, tidak bisa memberi alasan  Mengapa ia mencintaimu

someone who love you, cant give a reason why they love you

Dia Hanya tau, di matanya, kamulah satu-satunya.

They only know, in their eyes, you are the one.

Seseorang yang mencintai kamu, selalu membuatmu marah, gila, jengkel, stress

Someone who love you, Always make you angry, crazy, upset, stressed

Tapi ia tidak pernah tau hal bodoh apa yang sudah ia lakukan

But they never know what kind of stupid things that they’ve done

Karena semua yang ia lakukan adalah untuk kebaikanmu.

Because everything they do, they do for the good of you.

Seseorang yang mencintai kamu, Jarang memujimu,tapi di dalam hatinya kamu yang terbaik

Someone who love you, not always give you the sweet words, but inside their heart you are the best

Hanya itu yang ia tau.

and they only knew that.

Seseorang yang mencintai kamu, akan marah atau mengeluh jika kamu tidak membalas pesan atau telponnya.

someone who love you, will be so upset or complain if you not reply their message or their call

Karena ia peduli dan tidak ingin sesuatu terjadi padamu.

because they care and dont want something bad to happen to you.

Seseorang yang mencintai kamu, hanya menjatuhkan airmatanya di hadapanmu

someone who love you, only show tears in front of you

Ketika kamu mencoba menghapus airmatanya, kamu telah menyentuh hatinya.

And when you try to wipe it out, you touched their heart

Dimana hatinya selalu berdegup / berdenyut / bergetar untukmu.

the heart that always beating for you.

Seseorang yang mencintai kamu, akan mengingat setiap kata yang kamu ucapkan

Someone who love you, will always remember every single word that you said

Bahkan yang tidak sengaja dan ia akan selalu menggunakan kata2 itu tepat waktunya.

even the accidental words and they will always use those words in the perfect time.

Seseorang yang mencintai kamu, tidak akan memberikan janji apapun dengan mudah

Someone who love you, will never give their promises so easily

Karena ia tidak mau mengingkari janjinya, Ia ingin kamu untuk mempercayainya

because they dont want to break that promise, They wan you to believe them

dan ia ingin memberikan hidup yang paling bahagia, dan aman Selama-lamanya.

and they wan to give you the happiest life, make you comfortable and secure forever.

Seseorang yang mencintai kamu, mungkin tak ingat kejadian istimewa seperti hari ulang tahunmu

Someone who love you, maybe can’t remember the special moment like your birthday

Tapi ia tahu bahwa setiap detik yang ia lalui, ia mencintai kamu,tak peduli hari apa saat ini.

but they know that every second that passes, they love you, no matter what day it is.

Seseorang yang mencintai kamu, tidak mau berkata aku mencintaimu dengan mudah

Someone who love you, sometimes dont like to say i love you to much

Karena segalanya yang ia lakukan untuk kamu adalah, Untuk menunjukkan ia mencintaimu

because everything that they do is to show you how much they love you

Tetapi hanya ia yang mengatakan I LOVE YOU, pada situasi yang special

but they will tell I LOVE YOU in a very special moment

Karena ia tidak mau kamu salah mengerti, dia mau kamu tahu bahwa ia mencintai dirimu.

because they dont wan you to misunderstand, they wan you to know that they really love you.

Seseorang yang benar2 mencintai kamu,akan merasa bahwa sesuatu harus di katakan sekali saja.

someone who truly love you, will feel that they only need to say it once

Karena ia berpikir bahwa kamu telah mengerti dirinya.

because they think you understand them so well.

Seseorang yang mencintai kamu, akan pergi ke Airport untuk menjemputmu

Someone who love you, will go to the airport and pick you up

Dia tidak akan membawa seikat Mawar, dan memanggilmu sayang seperti yang kamu harapkan

they will not bring you a bunch of roses and call you honey like you expected

Tapi ia akan membawa kopermu dan bertanya, mengapa kamu jadi kurus dalam waktu 2 hari?

but they will bring your luggage and ask, why you become so skinny in 2 days ?

Dengan Hatinya yang tulus.

with their pure heart.

Seseorang yang mencintaimu, tidak tahu apakah ia harus menelponmu ketika kamu marah

someone who love you, dont know if they have to call you when you are angry

Tetapi ia akan mengirim pesan setelah beberapa jam

but they will send you message after a few hours

Jika kamu menanyakan : Mengapa ia telat menelpon..?

and if you ask : why take so long to call me?

Ia akan berkata : Ketika kamu marah penyelasan dariku semua hanyalah sampah

they will say: when you are angry all their explanation is just like trash

Tetapi ketika kamu sudah tenang, penjelasanku baru akan benar-benar menyejukan hati.

but when you release your anger, the explanation can reach your heart.

Seseorang yang mencintai kamu, akan menyimpan semua benda yang telah kamu berikan

someone who love you, will always keep all the stuff that you gave

Bahkan Kertas kecil bertuliskan I LOVE YOU ada di dalam dompetnya.

even the small paper with I LOVE YOU words in their wallet.

Seseorang yang mencintai kamu, jarang mengucapkan kata-kata manis

someone who love you, not often says sweet words

Tapi kamu tau’Kecupannya’ sudah menyalurkan semuanya.

but you know they show everything with their kiss.

Seseorang yang mencintai kamu, akan selalu berusaha membuatmu tersenyum.

someone who love you, will try hard to make you smile

Dan tertawa walau terkadang caranya membingungkanmu.

and laugh even with the strange way.

Seseorang yang mencintaimu, akan membalut hatimu yang pernah terluka

someone who love you, will heal your wounds

dan menjaganya dengan setulus hati, agar tidak terluka lagi

and take care of it with all their heart so you will never get hurt anymore

Dan ia akan memberikanmu yang terbaik walau harus menyakiti hatinya sendiri.

and they will give you the best even though it hurts their heart.

Seseorang yang mencintai kamu, akan rela melepasmu pergi bila bersamanya kamu tidak bahagia

Someone who love you, will let you go unconditionally if you not happy to live with them

Dan ia akan ikut bahagia walau kamu yang di cintainya bahagia bersama orang lain

and they will be happy when your happy even if you were with someone else

Pernahkah kamu mencintai seperti itu?

have you ever loved someone like that?



Berbahagialah orang yang dicintai dirimu…

happiness will follow the people who are loved by you.


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Anyone in the world

Most men wonder how a particular set of men are able to easily attract women without them having to move a finger while they themselves find it difficult to do so. Well, the reaction between men and women are like chemical reactions. Both always react in the same way. Women seek men who will shower them with attention while men search for beauty in women. However, the particular set of men rely on secret that the other meant do not know.

It has been said time and again that women have the inner sense to tell if a man is confident or not. Not a word has to be spoken, they can just tell. A man who oozes confidence attracts women like bees to honey. Remember confidence does not mean being cocky. Just carry yourself in a way that says you believe in yourself. Do not falter especially if you are in front of a girl that you want to attract.

The next thing that men should know is that they should not show any hesitation at all especially in making eye contact. This gesture, though it may be simple, exhibits one’s confidence in themselves. Take for instance, at a social gathering and you see someone that you have met before. The biggest mistake guys make when approaching women is they hesitate never hesitate, walk right her and open a conversation. You see women are attracted to men who are sure of themselves. In a certain situations, as a man you may not be sure or confident of what to do ad this may pose as a dilemma to most men. However, the solution is quite simple. Just pretend that you are confident and carry yourself in a manner that suggests this. You will be what you will yourself to be. After a while you won’t have to pretend anymore and your confidence will be a part of your nature.

There is no proven formula or secret a particular beautiful woman. The above secret tips are all that there really is. However, it is important to remember that in order to attract any beautiful woman, you have to incorporate the above tips. There may be some days where this will pay off and some when it may not. However, the outcome of you successfully attracting a beautiful woman will highly increase through the use of the above tips.

Anything’s Possible

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Anyone in the world

Leon is a young working-class blogger and self-proclaimed Latin Lothario. When he’s not working he’s giving expert dating advice. His writing has been featured on, the hottest Latin dating site on the net.

What does the word “catfish” mean to you? If it makes you think of slimy, big-mouthed, mud-bellied pond-dwellers, you’re only half right. A catfish is somebody that creates an alternate persona online and engages in relationships with unsuspecting people. If you’ve seen the movie from which the namesake is derived, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

As a Latino guy living in a smaller white town that dates primarily Latin women, I have to resort to creative means to meet new prospects. This means that recently I have tried my hand at Latin dating sites, and have had varying degrees of success. I’ve hooked up with some 8s, some 9s, the rare 10 here and there, and there are plenty of women that I’ve begun talking to and am thinking about visiting if I am ever in their area. So it’s been worth it, for the most part.

I remember reading somewhere that people are more likely to trust people that look like them, and that share a similar cultural background. Maybe it’s because my family was always very open when I was growing up, and so were all of the other kids’ families in the barrio that I was from, but I’ve never really second-guessed that these women were who they said they were. I’ve never had a reason to either, I suppose, because I’ve usually always met up with the chicks that I talk to. Usually.

One of those girls that I was talking about before, the ones that don’t live in my area but would like to visit, was a feisty little thing. We’ll call her Jessica. She claimed to be about a two, two and a half hour drive north from me, and we started messaging each other back and forth, real raunchy stuff. Her profile picture was a full-body, wearing a tight-fitting teal dress, jet black hair and dark skin—the picturesque Latin woman. She started sending pictures of her without the dress. I had to have her.

We’d started texting by the time I decided to ask Jessica about driving up north to visit her. She told me that she would be out of town for a vacation with some old girl friends, which didn’t rub me the wrong way at all. Girls, especially Latinas, are always out doing something with their friends. The second time I asked about it, she said she was going to be busy with work. At this point, a guy would think that she’s just not interested, but she kept texting anyway, and I kept getting nudes in my email inbox. Third try, and still no dice. What was I doing wrong here?

It was right around this time that I saw the movie Catfish. (Spoiler Alert) For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, it’s about a guy that falls in love with a girl online, but every time he tries to meet up with her she dodges him. In the end, the “girl” ends up being a gross, manipulative, old woman that creates online profiles and seduces younger men. Apparently this type of thing happens more than you think.

I texted Jessica and told her that we were either meeting, or I was done talking to her. She got upset, still refused to meet me, and after a short conversation I blocked her number and haven’t talked to her since. I’ve now instituted my own personal rule, that after two refused dates, I’m done.

Was I being strung along? Was Jessica a Catfish?

I don’t know.

I don’t want to know.

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