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by Auto Clicker - Friday, 8 October 2021, 1:57 PM
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The Best Auto Mouse Clickers of 2021

Best auto mouse clicker

Auto clicker is that software that helps PC users by taking a lot of their burden on its shoulders, allowing it to perform repetitive and hectic tasks like a breeze, which could otherwise prove to be quite a burden. It is evident from the name that these types of software can perform automatic clicking to simplify the process for users.

There is no logic to replacing mouse clicks with software, but those familiar with online portals, interactive PC games, and repetitive tasks on the computer would not hesitate for another minute to use a free auto clicker that can lend a hand in supporting their day to day clicking requirements. Take a look at some of the Best Auto Mouse Clicker software available on the market and see which one can handle your clicking needs better.

Free Auto Clicker

Free Auto Clicker provides a user-friendly interface that allows Windows users to efficiently manage mouse-clicking tasks. This program allows you to record your clicks with the help of a keystroke and to use it for automatic mouse clicks in the future to click the same button or area on your screen as required.

The program maps your laptop's or computer's screen using latitude and longitude coordinates and records your mouse clicks based on the coordinates system.

Free Mouse Clicker

It is also a good program for automating clicking tasks. Its interface features a cute mouse at the top left corner, which cleverly represents what Free Mouse Clicker will replace for PC users. This software includes a graphical user interface that includes a Click Interval table, a Hot Keys drop-down list for initiating and stopping the clicking process, and a Mouse Action area where you can choose whether to use the auto clicker on the right or left button.

The product has all the basic functions of a mouse clicker and you can use it to ease your hands a little as you do repetitive clicking on your computer.

Auto Clicker

The auto clicker is another free program that assists users with their clicking requirements by automating the process. Using this method, repetitive clicking tasks can be made robust and simple like a breeze. 

If you use Auto Right Clicker, you can make it track the movements of your cursor and click when the cursor stops somewhere on the screen or you can make it click multiple times at a single place. All updates to Auto Clicker are free and can be downloaded without paying any money. The program is constantly updated to make it more useful and effective.

GS Auto Clicker

GS Auto Clicker is a simple and straightforward application that PC users can use to schedule their clicking requirements. If you use the mouse a lot with a lot of repetition, then you should consider the simple and auto clicker free to help you.

As you can see that it comes with three drop-down lists “File”, “Options” and “Help” and two buttons. One of them leads you to start clicking and the other takes you to the “Help” topics to let newbies get familiar with the working of the software. 

Auto Clicker by Shocker

Shocker promotes this software as an exciting and simple way to earn money. Shocker's Auto Clicker Software is free and simple to use. It has shortcut keys, active online support, and all the basic options needed to automate the clicking processes. 

The Easy Steps For Using A Free Auto Mouse Clicker

Free Auto Mouse Clicker

Step 1: Recording desired positions where clicking is required

Once it has been installed on your computer, you will see the below-mentioned interface. Click the "Space Bar" button to save the coordinates on your screen as a listed array. Move your mouse to the desired locations and use the "Space Bar" button to save them. You'll see each of the desired positions getting added to the X-Y List as you press the "Space Bar".

Step 2: Setting time constraints for clicking tasks

After recording the desired positions, we move on to setting the "Click Interval", when to stop, and where to stop the clicking spree.

Step 3: Choosing the Left or Right button for click

For the clicking task, we just need to choose whether we want the right button click or the left button click after setting the time constraints. The process is initiated by clicking the "Start" button.

How to Configure Auto Clickers?

Clicking on the screen is automated with a fast auto clicker. If you have configured the application, it will work even if you are away from your PC.

Here are the parameters that need to be configured:

Number of Clicks: This parameter determines how many clicks you want your browser to make.

Time Interval: This parameter takes the time between two consecutive clicks into account.

Pointer location: This parameter takes a location as input that you want your mouse to automatically click on and coordinates with your screen.

Type of Click: This parameter allows you to specify the type of click you want to automate, such as a right-click, left-click, or middle-click.

URL List: In the URL List, you have the option of uploading URLs. You must enter the location of the click and the path of the click button.


How do I turn on the auto clicker in Chrome?

Choose Manage accessibility settings. Go to the Mouse and touchpad section of the Accessibility settings screen. Set the toggle switch to On by selecting Automatically click when the mouse pointer stops.

Is there a free auto clicker?

An auto clicker is a software or macro that automates your mouse clicks at specific points. The software is generally free and can be downloaded from the internet. Additionally, the software is constantly updated and maintained, with new functions introduced periodically.


While there are a variety of auto-clicking programs available for PC users, according to user reviews and feedback, The 5 Best Auto Mouse Clickers of 2021 is the safest and most effective. It is safe and tested by experts to ensure that there is no strain on your processor when clicking on your PC.

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