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by Samantha Peterson - Wednesday, 23 September 2020, 5:08 PM
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Using the tablet to take notes and to make an essay for me as well is easy if the right apps are used. We have selected the best ones for iOS and Android devices.

Teachers and students who use a tablet to prepare their classes, do work or study can find in the applications that digitize the text that is written by hand on their screens a very practical tool in their day to day.

Apps to scan

These apps use a technique similar to OCR - optical character recognition, in English - and consists of detecting which characters have been written by hand to transform them into the desired typeface.


It is part of Microsoft's Office suite and allows you to write with a  digital pen  to create all kinds of content: from small notes to drawings, diagrams or illustrations. It is also available on iOS and Android.

OneNote handwriting

Wacom Bamboo Spark

Wacom not only has pens and tablets for drawing, but also a suite of programs to create a complete ecosystem. And together with these they have created Wacom Bamboo Paper, a paper notebook that connects to a tablet or smartphone and makes everything that is drawn (or painted) on it copied in a similar app available on iOS and Android.

Wacom Bamboo Spark

MyScript Or

Allows you to take notes on a tablet with the help of an active pen. With a double tap on the screen, any phrase or hand-drawn drawing will automatically become digital. All documents can easily be saved in .docx, text or HTML format and shared via email or on a cloud storage service such as iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive.

MyScript Or

Evernote Scannable

It was already possible to digitize texts in Evernote with the help of the Penultimate app , but an update also allows it to be done from your own application thanks to the Evernote Scannable function. Among its various options, it allows you to digitize the text you find, expanding the possibilities and being a perfect ally for, for example, passing notes between colleagues.

GoodNotes App

GoodNotes apps to scan

Available for iOS devices, it is suitable for drawing and illustrating. In addition, the written text becomes vector and has the option of being digitized. It also incorporates a search engine to locate the desired information among the notes, both those that are at hand and those that have already adopted a digital format.

Notes More

It is compatible with iOS devices and accessories such as the Apple Pencil, making it easy to write and draw on the iPad. Everything that is captured on the screen can be converted into a digital document that is easy to store and share using .doc and PDF formats. In addition, it facilitates the integration of photos directly from the gallery or the camera in the documents that are being edited.

Notes Plus apps to scan

Text scanner

It not only allows you to digitize the texts written on paper, but also the annotations that the teacher makes on the classroom blackboard. It offers the possibility to add photos from the gallery of the tablet or mobile phone and supports writing in more than 50 languages. Once the text scan is finished, the user can share it by email, upload it to the cloud or copy it to the clipboard. It is exclusive for Android devices. 

Text scanner

Pen to Print 

Scan and convert handwritten notes into digital texts that can be edited and stored later in the cloud: from diaries, meeting minutes, or even recipes. It offers the option of checking each digitized writing line by line, correcting it and converting it into docx or PDF files, among others. It is available for iOS and Android devices

apps to scan

Microsoft Office Lens 

Among its many features, it should be noted that this application cuts, enhances and makes images of whiteboards and handwritten documents legible. The student or teacher will be able to convert the photos into Word, Power Point and PDF files, edit any word or sentence that appears in the text and save them directly in OneNote or OneDrive. Available for iOS and Android. 

Microsoft Office Lens

Notebloc Scanner 

Drawings, notes, whiteboard notes and even receipts are some of the documents that this exclusive application for Android allows to digitize. Automatically correct scanners perspective and light, convert images to PDF, add pages to individual files, and can scan multiple sheets consecutively. In addition, the user can share it via email, SMS, in the cloud or on different social networks.