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by Sam Anders - Friday, 3 December 2021, 4:43 PM
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Okay, so I introduced a character named PromQueen the other day on this blog, without really giving her back story.

This may even be worse than my crush, so bear yourself.

Well, to be honest, she really wasn’t the prom queen, she was the homecoming queen, but PromQueen just seems like an easier nickname.

I met her my senior year of high school, when she was running for homecoming queen.  We were in the parking lot during lunch time and she came up to me and my friends to pub her cause, to tell us to vote for her for homecoming queen.  She just happened to be standing closest to me when she did this.  I completely ignored her requests to vote for her, and put my arm around her and started talking about myself and what I had going on.  She rubbed my chest, smiled at me and reminded me, “vote for me, okay”.  The rubbing on my chest worked I guess, because I actually did vote for her.  So did most of the school, and she won.

After that, every time I saw her around in the hallway, I’d smile at her and say “hi”, she’d smile back and say “hi” as well.  We were both seniors, but we never had any classes together.  I was in the magnet school, she was in the regular school, but still in honors classes, so we were in different programs.   As fine as she is, I’m still surprised that I never noticed her at all during my first three years of high school.  I have no recollection of her until the day she rubbed on my chest in the parking lot.   I never saw her or noticed her before that.

On the day she was “inaugurated”, her mom was at the school with her walking down the hall with her, when I walked past and said hi to both of them and congratulated her on winning.  She lit up and smiled at me when she thanked me.  While walking away, I overheard her mom ask “who was that?”  She responded, “that’s my friend.”  Her mom said, “what’s friend’s name?”  And she said, “…. I don’t know…..” in the cutest, blushing way imaginable.

Yeah, I had a crush on her, the homecoming queen that didn’t even know my name.  Yet, I was still sure I could get her.  At the actual homecoming football game when they introduced her and she was on the field at the 50 yard line, I turned to my boys and said, “I bet y’all I fuck her before the end of the year.”  They all called me crazy and told me there was no way that was going to happen.  Who was I to think I could get one of the finest girls in the school, the homecoming queen no less?

Never the less, I thought I could.  I had no idea how I would, but I thought I could.

Christmas time drew near.  My boyscout troop always did this prank white elephant game every year for our Christmas party.  This year, at the end of it, the gift I wound up with was some nail polish and some romance novels.  I tossed the romance novels, but I decided to re-gift the nail polish and give it to the homecoming queen as a Christmas present.  I also put a little note on it that said “Merry Christmas, [PromQueen]” and contained my name and phone number.

I gave it to her at school before Christmas break.  She seemed to like it.

It took her a month to call me, but she eventually did, and we talked on the phone almost every night after that.  One day about a month before Valentine’s, me and of few of my boys (who I made the ridiculous claim to at the football game) were skipping school in my backyard, smoking, when I told them I was going to ask PromQueen to be my date for the Valentine’s Ball.  Again, they laughed at me and told me that would never happen.

I asked her a few days later, and she said yes.   I didn’t tell anybody yet, I kept it to myself, I was going to surprise these boys come Valentine’s.

Meanwhile I had a bet on the Superbowl with one of my boys who was at my house that day.  He was going for the Patriots, I was going for whoever the Patriots were playing.  I lost the bet, I owed him $10, I think.  I said to him, “give me another chance, what else can we bet on?  C’mon, double or nothing.”  He looked at me, and smiled, he though for sure he could double up on me when he asked, “have you asked PromQueen to the Valentine’s Ball yet?”  I already had, and she had already said yes, but he was basically offering me free money, so I lied, “Naw, haven’t asked her yet.”  ”Alright, I bet you she says no.”  We shook on it.

A few days later, I see him in the hall and her down the hall.  I walk up to him and point in her direction, “I’m bout to go ask her now, bro.”  ”Alright, this I gotta see,”  He rubs his hands together like he’s about to get paid.  He stays back and I approach her and just shoot the shit for a little bit and then walk back to him with a smirk on my face.  His face drops, “she said yes?”  ”Yep, now pay up.”  Easiest $20 I ever made.

So, I pick her up and take her to the Valentine’s Ball.  She has a beautiful dress on, I’m tuxed up.  She even wears her homecoming queen tiara.  We get there early and we’re chilling at a table with one of my best friends and his date the whole night.  We dance a lot too.  At one point while dancing, I get a little erect.  She’s facing me when this happens, and my dick hits her leg – bam, right on the thigh.  She looks down in that direction then looks up at me and smiles and puts her arms around me.

After the ball, I take her home, I go for kiss, but all I get is a wet one on the cheek, so I kiss her back on the cheek as well.  I didn’t try to fuck, shit, I didn’t even know how to try to fuck.

We continued to talk on the phone after that.  I’d walk her to class sometimes, hang out by her locker and chill with her, we’d go to lunch together, we’d sit next to each other during school programs in the auditorium and she’d lay her head on my shoulder.

Then, one day, I took her to the movies.  We got there before the movie started and we were just chilling outside the theater, kicking it.  My game was okay then, even though I knew nothing, I remember teasing and basically negging her a bit while we chatted.  After the movie we walked back to my car and I tried to make a move – my master plan.  I pulled the condom I had out of my pocket and with it in my hand, I grabbed her hand to hold hands.  Yeah, this was my master plan, she would feel the condom in my hand and just melt, “oh my gosh, you want to do me?  I thought you’d never ask!” and then I’d take her to some cheap motel and bang the shit out of her.

That’s not quite how it happened.  Actually, she didn’t even notice the condom at first when I grabbed her hand.  I had to prod her a bit, “you don’t feel that?”

“Feel what?”

“What’s in my hand.”

She grabs it now, takes it out of my hand, realizes what it is and gives it back to me.  ”Umm… you’re not my husband.”

“Oh, I have to be your husband to do that?”


“Oh okay, that’s cool.  I understand, that’s respectable, saving yourself for marriage and all.”

I drove her home in awkward silence after that.  We didn’t really date after that, we’d still talk when we’d see each other, but only like friends would.  My crush was driving me crazy, but not for too long, because we went off to college in different cities and I banged a couple of other chicks.

During my freshman year of college, she started to email me and we became like email pen pals, just updating each other on our lives.  That lasted for basically the whole first semester, but died down after that.

Since then, we’ve been friends, and we’ve maintained contact, just a phone call here and there every few months, especially on our birthdays.

She originally went to college in New Orleans, and I still remember having that conversation with her after Katrina.  She was safe in our home town because they evacuated the school like a week before the hurricane hit, but she “basically lost everything”, because her dorm was on the first floor.   After that, she did a semester back in our home town, at a school a lot of my friends went to, so I went down to visit them all one day and basically wound up hanging out with her.  She took me to a club and even paid for me to get in.  I didn’t dance with her at all though.  I danced with a few other chicks.  She danced by herself a little, but she turned down every guy that tried to approach her and stayed by my side most of the night.  I didn’t even think to make a move, I figured we were just friends at this point.

After that semester, she transferred kind of far to another city.  A city I’ve never really been to.  I’d always say I was going to go up there and visit her, but I never did.  Then, she did a semester in London and later a semester in DC.  I joke around with her a lot about going to 5 different schools in 5 years.  She graduated college a year after I did and moved back home.

For awhile there, I always heard rumors from reliable sources that she was in a pretty serious LTR with some dude and she wound up getting engaged to him.  She never mentioned this to me though when we talked, so I never brought it up either.

I called her last summer for the first time in awhile.  We talked for a bit.  She called me on Labor Day weekend to see if I was in town, I wasn’t.  Then around Thanksgiving, my phone reset and I lost all of my numbers.

A couple weeks later, I get a text from one of my best friends.  ”I’m at this party right now man, and [PromQueen] is here and damn she is fine.”

I text him back, “Hey do me a favor, go talk to her and tell her I lost all of my numbers out of my phone and tell her to hit me up.”

“Alright man, I got you.  Expect a text from her in like 20 min.”

Before I get the text from her, I get another text from him.  ”Say man, tell [PromQueen] you want to holla at her.  I’m serious man.  Me and her both think y’all are overdue.  She’s a catch man, you deserve that.”

I felt a little weird about him telling me to go after her considering I had a girlfriend at the time and he knew that.  He almost had me considering breaking up with my current girl and pursuing her again, but I chose not too.  PromQueen did text me that night though, and gave me a hard time about how I never come see her when I’m in town.

I went by to see her when I was in town for Christmas.  My boy was right, she was looking fine as ever.  It had been over 3 years since I’d seen her.  Damn, how time goes by.  We just chilled on the couch at her house and caught up, and I joked around with her mom and her family a little bit too.

A month later, me and my girlfriend broke up for unrelated issues and I started this blog.  I also started to talk to PromQueen pretty frequently again.  We talked pretty frequently in January, almost every other day or so, with her sending me a lot of “hope you have a great day today” texts in the morning and also doing as much calling me as I was her.  She was supposed to come visit me for the last weekend in January, but some how those plans fell through.  I had big plans too, well not huge plans, but I figured if she was staying at my place for the weekend, I was really going to turn the heat up and be all over her trying to turn her on and fuck.

After she couldn’t make it down here that weekend, our frequency of talking has died down a bit.  I still hit her up occasionally, but not too often.  I have no idea what she wants from me or what she sees me as though.  Am I stuck in the friend zone forever?  Or is she interested in me romantically?  Does she really think we’re “long overdue” like my boy said?  Or is he just making up “the vibe” he got from her because he’s on my side and doesn’t see shit objectively?

I have no idea.   And, I have no idea what I’m doing with her, or what my plans are for this.  For now, she’s just another number on my phone to hit up when I feel like it.

I may be moving back to my hometown in a couple of months.  Will I pursue her again then?  Even I don’t know the answer to that.  Largely because I have no idea how she feels about me or what she wants from me.  No idea at all.

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