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by Fake Info - Thursday, 18 November 2021, 12:48 PM
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Fake Drivers License 2021

In this article, you will learn how to make a fake driver's license when circumstances call for it. Before we begin, we would like to make it clear that we do not support the use of a fake drivers license generator for deception or crime.

As soon as you have used the fake driver's license for whatever urgent situation you have, you can then obtain an original driver's license.

Here are two sure-fire ways that you can make a fake driver's license that looks just like a real one.

How to Make a Fake Driver's License Generator 

There are several ways to create fake driver's licenses. We will teach you

A fake driver's license maker app

  • How to use a fake driver’s license maker app
  • How to make a fake driver’s license at home
  • How to make a fake drivers license online for free

We will cover these four methods for getting your driver's license ready in a few minutes.

Make a fake driver's license with a fake license maker application

Mobile software exists to make fake driving licenses with ease. The apps are often available for a variety of devices

  • Windows
  • Android
  • Mac
  • IOS mobiles

If you prank someone with such a driver's license-making app, the result will look real enough to shock them. 

It will also look like the real thing to you. 

Here are some apps you can use to make a fake drivers license: 
Mobile App


Fake Driver License Generator

This app is great, and it can create a driver’s license that looks so real, which you can prank people with. The app is not available on Apple Store or Google Play Store, but you can search for it. It was created by Filip Voss Akerstrom.

Fake Driving License Maker

This app is a creation of Pearl White and it does a great job of producing a convincing ID. Its size is only 5.0MB, and you don’t need much space or time to download it. However, this great app is only designed for operations in India. If you live in India, this one is perfect for you. If not, check out the next one.

Fake ID Maker Pro

This fake ID maker is a premium version developed by Christ-App. You have a list of templates on this premium fake driver’s license maker app to create the best driver’s license based on your peculiarities. Unfortunately, you can only access this ID maker with an Android operating system.


The License app is a creation of DriversEd and is created strictly for Apple products. This app comes with several templates that you can explore to create a fake driving license. Although the License app has been taken down from Apple Store because Apple said it breached some terms, you can find it and use it on your iOS device.

How to Make a Fake Driving License at Home

Is it true that you can make fake driver's licenses at home? With the necessary equipment and materials, you can also make your fake license at home.

Step 1: Purchase Teslin Paper along with Butterfly laminate pouches

There is no exact way to reproduce the texture of the original driver's license because the government uses proprietary cardstock. You can, however, use Teslin paper to achieve a texture that is close to the real thing.

  • Make sure the printer you're using with Teslin paper has manual settings otherwise your printing will come out rough.
  • Make sure your pouch laminator has as much thickness as a government-issued driver's license.
  • Make sure your laminate pouch is holographic.

Step 2: Download the driver's license template 

The sites and apps listed in this post can help you create a driver's license template. Pick a template that matches what you need, and download it in picture format.

Step 3: Take a passport photo

A passport photograph can be taken with a smartphone or scanned from an existing passport. Just ensure you save it in a JPG or PNG format.

Step 4: Edit the Passport and the Template using an editing tool 

You can install an editing tool or application like

  • Paint.Net
  • Photoshop
  • Firework
  • GIMP

PicsArt is also an option if you are working on a mobile device

  1. You can start by opening the fake license template in your photo editor
  2. After that, you erase the original text on the template with a clone stamp tool.
  3. The next step is to upload your passport to the template and drag it to the correct position using a pick tool.

Make sure the passport photograph blends with the template by using the lighting effect.

Step 5: Add Your Signature

The Paint tool or Photoshop can be used to add your signature. Additionally, PDF Filler or Sign Now can be used to add an electronic signature. It would, however, be difficult to add an electronic signature to a smartphone. 

Step 6: Print the Fake Driver's License and laminate it

Change the settings on your printer and print your license on Teslin paper. Your local computer store can help you with this.

Print the Teslin paper, fold it into the pouch, and then laminate it. To make your card look like an original driver's license, trim the edges with a tool.

Several computer service centers around you can generate fake driver's licenses for you. By taking on the bulk of the work, they can save you time and stress.

Getting a fake driver's license fixed by a Computer Services Plaza specialist

  • Their service fee is reasonable
  • They finish the job quickly and give it to you in a few minutes
  • as they are professionals and have to experience printing fake IDs
  • with plastic card printers that you may not have 

How to Create a Fake Drivers License Online

The internet is another way to get a fake driver's license that looks like the real thing. 

False identification numbers can even look similar to existing ones, making it difficult for scanning devices to determine that they are fake.

To create a fake driver's license online, you need the following.

  • Using a PC or a mobile phone
  • with a strong and stable internet connection
  • to print plastic cards
  • with driver's license templates 

A fake driver's license can be created using

  • There are several websites where you can download the template for free
  • As well as paid DL templates.

There are several free websites where you can find these templates. Check out some websites where you can make a fake driver's license. 

There are both free templates and paid templates available on these websites to create your fake driver's license.


21 Overnight

The platform offers you free rooms where you can make your fake driver’s license.

21 overnight offers a fun and exciting way to get your fake driver’s license if you reside in the United States and the United Kingdom.


Canva has a long list of free templates, but not all templates are free. You will have to pay as low as 1 dollar to get some templates or decide to register for a premium account and access much more on Canva.

Canva is an exciting editing platform that houses thousands of templates that users can customize to fit any type of document. You can access this editing platform by downloading the Canva app which is available on several mobile stores, including Google Play Store.

Fake ID

The basic fake license plan costs 20 Pounds while you pay 25 pounds for the premium driver’s license plan.

With a vivid name that tells you clearly what this website offers, Fake ID is an online platform where you can make a fake driver’s license in a few steps. It is crucial to note that Fake ID is a premium website, so you need to pay for your fake driver’s license. However, the prices are affordable and encouraging.



PICturando is a platform where you can generate fake driver’s licenses and also other fake documents that you might need. When you open the new page you’ll find the first option which reads ‘Driver License’. Click on that page, scroll through and select a template based on your country, and then go on from there.

Scan the original driver's license

It is possible to create a fake driver's license by scanning an existing license. For this process, you can borrow a friend's or family's driver's license. Next, we'll discuss the steps.

Step 1: Scan your original driver's license

To begin this process, a driver's license needs to be scanned. Scan the license using your computer. 

It is possible to take a photograph of the driver's license using a digital camera or smartphone with a great camera if you do not have a computer and a scanner.

If you choose either option, you will need to edit and crop the picture perfectly to get a perfect template for your fake license.

Step 2: Open the Scanned Fake ID with software

Open the scanned fake id

You can open the scanned ID by

There are more features available on computer software than a smartphone, which makes it the best option.

When you use Photoshop to create fake DL licenses, you have made the right choice. You can also use other editing tools.

Step 3: Upload your passport photo and fix it

Due to the scanned image on the driver's license you are copying, you will also need to scan your passport. 

After scanning your passport, you will have to insert it into your license. A simple copy and paste will not look good on your fake ID, so be careful when inserting it.

If you have scanned a passport, you should open a tool in your editing software called Clone Stamp. 

Copy the plain or designed area around the old passport and paste it to cover it completely. 

After the old passport has been covered completely, tape the new passport photograph on the covering.

Next, copy the color you marked inside the boundary you marked, using the Paint tool.

Put your new passport photo on the old passport space and paste it.

Step 4: Edit and Clean the Text Fields

Creating this fake driving license will require the use of a clone tool or clone stamp. Copy the areas surrounding the old texts with a clone tool, then paste them.

Using your clone stamp tool, clean off the old texts. Insert your new information into the empty fields.

You should ensure that the font you're using matches the original font of the ID you scanned earlier. Adjust and confirm the right font by using the Text tool.

Step 5: Examine and refine the fake driver's license 

Observe and refine fake licenses

Before printing, this step deserves your full attention. Look carefully at your fake driver's license and make sure it's accurate

  • Style
  • Format
  • Data

The details should match those on the original license. Pay attention to naming formats, such as

  • Starting with a first or last name
  • Is present
  • Absent
  • A punctuation mark. 

When you try to prank someone with a fake driver's license that doesn't have the same format, you are sure to fail.

Step 6: Print your fake driver's license

Create a fake driver's license

Printing your fake driver's license is the last step. You will need a plastic card printer for this.

If you cannot find a plastic printer, you can

  • Cut out the front and back of your fake driver's license on paper.
  • Glue both sides together.
  • Print holograms on both sides of the printed license.

It is best to laminate the license approximately 14 inches from the edge to achieve the best effect.

Why Would You Need a Fake Driver's License?

  • It is useful in emergencies since it can be obtained quickly.
  • When you prank your friends and family, they will find it funny.
  • You can make it at home or in a computer shop in a few minutes

Caution: Situations in which fake licenses shouldn't be used

  • Formal documentation or registration
  • When the government requests your driver's license
  • When buying a car as a student, to avoid getting fined 

Is it illegal to have a fake driver's license?

It is unlawful to drive around with a fake driving license, even though it is not illegal.

Police will also expect to see your original license, so never show them a fake ID unless you are playing a prank and you have your original with you.

Is it possible to use a fake driver's license?

The answer is yes, but only for unauthorized purposes or pranks. Do not use them to show the police or for official purposes, since your car could be impounded. 

How Much Does Getting a fake driver's license cost?

The cost of getting a fake driver's license ranges between $10 and $25. However, the cost will vary depending on the materials you use, whether you do the work yourself or if you hire someone to do it for you. 

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to make a fake driver's license allows you to enjoy it without worrying about getting caught. Just be careful not to present it in a formal or legal setting. 

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