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by Sam Anders - Friday, 22 October 2021, 4:59 PM
Anyone in the world

Tallboy shows up over Puerto Rico's and says "That girl (the girl I met at Spice from a week prior, not the Spice girl mentioned above) that you called last night ended up sending me two text messages". He shows them to me. One says something along the lines of "I'm looking for something to do. Do you want to come over tonight?" and the other "Do you want to meet up at Spice or something?" I think "fuck!, I have no way of getting to Spice or her place (I'm too drunk to drive, and I'm not getting a taxi just to see a girl). That plus if I go to Spice, one of my other Spice girls will be there."

I then come up with a grand idea (well, not grand)...I call and say "Why don't you come to a house party with me on campus?". She agrees. She parks and shows up, but as she's walking down High street from where she parked, I pretend to not see her. I then finally acknowledge her, and we head into Puerto Rico's place. We head to the party, where I proceed to ignore her the entire time.

She knew I could dance (we danced at Spice) so she wanted to dance, but all I did was one of my stupid little dances that I do.

I then become aware that someone (another guy) is talking to her while Puerto Rico and I are on the beerpong table (the people we came with dominated, BTW). Being the decently smart guy that I am, I had already planned on other guys hitting on my girl. I encourage him to hit on her. If my plan backfires, he gets the girl, no big deal.

A girl named [HER NAME EDITED OUT] opens me. (The Beast and Owen do you remember the girls who bitched me out when I called them weird and everyone got a good laugh out of it? Well, this was one of the two girls). We joke about 4 kegs. I go to sit down, and she follows. She says that I have nice shoes (wanna fuck? haha). We talk some more later on, and she writes her number on my arm, in front of the girl I brought along. I didn't give a shit.

I then notice that the guy talking to my girl had did too much talking. That's one advantage of knowing your wings, you can predict their behaviors around your women. I had orchestrated the entire thing perfectly. She lost interest in him.

I then decide to flip a few switches on. I say to her "When do you wanna leave?" she says "Whenever" I say "Lets go right now". She agrees. On the way out I walk past [HER NAME EDITED OUT] and tell her out loud that I'll call her, right in front of the girl I was walking out with's face. I'm sorry, but that was one of my pimp shit moments. The girl I was with had to see her name and number written on my exposed arm.

We walk out, and I say "You're going to have to drive me home, I have no way home. (drunkeness)" She agrees. I then say "You know what, I'll just sleep at your place on the floor and you can take me home in the morning. I don't trust giving you directions when I'm drunk." Once again, she agrees.

On the way back to her place, we fluff talk, no mention of sex. I put in a good word for Puerto Rico that I know she'll relay to her sister. So, he's as good as in with her. She then tells me about how her roommate is never home (This is the very moment when I knew she wanted to fuck me), and how her sister and her roomie thought I was such a funny nice guy when we met a Spice.

We get to her apartment...we take off our shoes. I'm standing against the wall on the stairway base, waiting on her to go upstairs. She doesn't. I look her in her eyes....I kiss her. I then realize that she just must not french kiss, and that's why we didn't make out last weekend. I grab her hand and I say "let's go upstairs". I'm leading the way.

Enter her bedroom...her bed is fucking HUGE, at least a King size...and it looks VERY expensive. I stand there for maybe five seconds to test to see if she's going to mention anything about me sleeping on the floor (remember, we haven't done anything sexual, yet.). She doesn't, so I lead her to her bed. She lays down, and that's when I start kissing her. I kiss her on her stomach...she starts moaning. I then proceed to take her pants off...I tell her to take off her shirt.

"Are you sure that this is what you want?"...she says "yes"[THIS PART EDITED OUT FOR THE PANSIES WHO HAVE NEVER SEEN A PORN]

I then stop and tell her that I can't cum (haha, drunken sex strikes again!). She apologizes, and I say "That's OK, this was for you. I didn't do this for me." she replies with "Thank you" and starts kissing me. I then invite myself to explore her apartment. I take a shower and crawl back into bed. I then notice that [HER NAME EDITED OUT]'s number is partially faded away on my arm. I stand in the moonlight near her window, pull out my Sharpie, and rewrite the number until I can get in real light and write her number down on a piece of paper.

I then crawl into bed again, and all I'm hearing are [HIS NAME EDITED OUT] words in my head..."My bitches make me bacon...and motha-fucking eggs" as he crunches on his bacon and sips his coffee. I decide that she's going to make me bacon and motha-fucking eggs in the morning. A couple of hours pass, and I hear this alarm thing. It keeps going off every 15 or so minutes, so I eventually wake her up. I ask her if she has somewhere to be, and she says she has to be at work at 8, less than an hour away. There goes my bacon and motha-fucking eggs.

She gets dressed, showers, and as we're driving, she reveals that she has a 12 hour workday ahead of her. She probably intended on having sex with me from the beginning. She drops me off near my parents place (I don't want to let girls know exactly where my parents live. Also, this took place inbetween my campus leases, so that's the reason for me being with my parents at the time). I give her a kiss, tell her not to call tallboy's phone looking for me, and that I'll call her sometime this week.

I get home to find an Instant Message from one of my campus girls asking me if I'm there. She probably wanted to meet up that night, but I had already left to go over to Puerto Rico's. Looks like the night made up for the not so hot Friday night I had.