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by Brandon McKinney - Tuesday, 15 June 2021, 4:53 PM
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red field with cananda flag and poker cards

If you are looking for an amazing way to spend your weekend or Friday evenings, consider the superstar guide website. It is a platform that ensures that absolutely every player is satisfied with the quality of games, high level of servicing, and protection of their sensitive data. All this is possible in one place, i.e., on the site of .
The name of the establishment is not random. Just check out the design of the site – pleasant colours and the animated roulette wheel. What can create the association with luxury-life more than this? The generosity of the casino confirms the name as well. The payout rate is 97%, which is an impressive figure for online gambling establishments.

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Uplifting bliss launches your mood into the clouds with an elevated sensation that will shake creativity as well as joy large awake. More potent marijuana stress Searching for even more strains? Look into this checklist of heavy-hitters.

Truthful Marijuana runs in conformity with state legislations concerning access to cannabis. You need to be 21 years old or older to see this web site. By clicking "I concur" you swear and/or verify under fine of perjury that you go to the very least 21 years old. Nothing on this internet site ought to be taken into consideration lawful advice or as a substitute for legal recommendations.

Other aspects likewise include the variety of cannabinoids and also terpenes. Farming techniques have improved the possibility of an increasing number of potent strains getting in the marketplace. With a minimum of 780 pressures to choose from, deciding what the greatest weed to attempt can be rather the obstacle. It's tough to go for just one so we have created a list to watch out for if you're searching for high effectiveness indica and indica high.

Called among the most powerful strains by High Times in 2012, Ghost Train Haze is a blend of Ghost OG as well as Neville's Wreckage. The THC content of 25. 5% will load a punch. This pressure provides customers a buzz of imagination. Beginners and also people who have anxiousness ought to steer as it prompts solid sensations of delusion and also paranoia.

Bruce Banner is commonly used in the medical cannabis world today. It's used to deal with stress and various other disorders and also is widely made use of in the US. This strain is just one of one of the most potent strains on the marketplace. The thick haze will certainly make also the most experienced user cough. The THC material varies from 25 to 26%.

It has 23% THC as well as is known for its taste sticking around on the tongue. This stress is made use of for handling stress and anxiety, sleeplessness, hunger loss, discomfort, and muscle spasms. Recognized for its sticky and also powerful resin content this weed can generate 30% of THC. This is recognized to be made use of as a nighttime weed.

Not known Incorrect Statements About The 9 Best Medical Marijuana Strains For Pain — Online ...

Exploring the globe of potent marijuana is a journey. There's a whole lot to watch out for and also discover. As cross breeding progresses and also potent pressures are invented, that knows that stress we'll be seeing in the future.

Seeking the Highest Possible THC Pressure? The The Majority Of Potent Strains You Can Locate in Massachusetts.

One of the major reasons for this extra strength is the focus on producing sinsemilla, which is the tops of unfertilized female plants (these take place to consist of the highest quantity of THC). In the modern age, farmers eliminate the trimmings as well as get rid of water leaves, which contain little to no THC.It is additionally likely real that cannabis strain production has added to the greater stamina of pot; cultivators prefer marijuana strains with, and today, the best choices are hybrid crosses of popular pressures

4% in 2003, while in 2018 most estimations were above 15%? Moreover, we are revealing more powerful combinations on a nearly everyday basis. Back in the halcyon days of the 1960s and also 1970s, discovering weed with a THC content of over 10% was a rarity. Today, a considerable variety of stress have more than 20% THC.If you are looking for a serious high, all of the above is wonderful information.

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by Sam Anders - Thursday, 10 June 2021, 4:58 PM
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In an effort to prove my friend’s theory that sex has healing tendencies, I decided to do a bit of experimenting myself and call up a fuck buddy for some TLC. There is nothing worst then being sick and alone. Rob had sent me a text message yesterday seeing if I wanted to meet up. I told him I was home with a cold. He suggested he come by today and we could play patient and doctor. Rob and I had met about a year ago at a gay networking night. We had then met again one winter night online. It was good no strings sex. Rob was a typical Aussie bloke; he drank beer and played rugby...and liked to play doctor!

Back to sex and healing. My friend Karl who is a doctor has a theory that sex can actually heal. Can it really? There is actually some science to back this up...

Psychologists in America have shown that people who have sex once or twice a week get a boost their immune system. This is the total opposite to what happens to me. I normally get sick from pashing sickly Europeans.

This same American study also found that sex can help prevent colds. Immunoglobulin A (lgA) is an antigen found in saliva and mucous. So if you kiss a lot, you will have high levels of lgA which is the first defense against colds and flu. So start kissing…

That random pash can spare you from days in bed. The saliva binds to bacteria that invades the body and then activates the immune system to destroy them. The more sex and kissing you do, the higher levels of lgA you have.

Kissing is not the only healthy sexual behaviour. It seems semen is on the list of doctor’s orders. Yes, semen! American author Gordon Gallup, a psychology professor at the State University of New York, thinks sexual healing may be caused by some unknown chemical in semen.

Semen is protein after all…it is a nutritious medium that supports spermatozoa on their journey to the egg. It seems semen is a "rich chemical brine, containing testosterone, estrogen and other hormones: prostaglandins, as well as luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone,” according to Gallup. If only they could do something about that taste! Yum!
Gallup goes on further to suggest that semen is like a drug and it can be addictive. Gay men could have told you that! When women or men do not get it, there is withdrawal. He based his findings on research with couples who did not use condoms and where semen was released freely. These women were happier than those couples who used condoms. When the women who were used to getting semen started using condoms, they became moody and there was an effect on libido.

The downside of not using condoms is HIV and other STIs. So Gallup stresses that the positive benefits of semen do not outweigh the risks of unsafe sex. But I hear that semen can be good on your face, good for moisturising and getting rid of those fine lines.

So how did my experiment turn out? I did try some semen and I feel so much better. My sinuses have cleared up and my energy level are better. Who would have thought that a rugby player would have been just what the doctor ordered! Have you been healed by sex?


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Playing The Game

Welcome From an Aspiring Pick Up Artist

Unlocking A Woman's Inner Slut

Get The Facebook Info

What Black Guys Don't Get

Speak To The Vagina

Something Women Can Relate To

How Nightclubs Fooled Women

When Women Give You Eye Contact

Flexing Your Financial Muscle

Why Women Are Attracted To Men

The Jackass Never Dies


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Working with a paper writing service offers a long arrangement of benefits. If you have never worked with a specialist writing service, or you are not an essay writer in general, get some answers concerning the upsides of mentioning a custom paper. Take a gander at the going with benefits to get some inspiration for mentioning a custom paper.

Qualified Writers

The best benefit of mentioning a custom paper is, you will work with uncommonly qualified writers. The master writers are extraordinarily qualified and they have their degrees from authentic associations which make them prepared for making incredible quality work. They have put a huge load of energy into their own assignments, and they comprehend what makes a respectable nature of work since they had done it for themselves when they were in school or school. Since they are working for you, they will put resources into the same measures of energy and follow the same methods they have followed for their own assignments.

Genuine serenity

Optional school and understudies need to deal with a lot of assignments. These assignments give caution just as a huge load of pressure moreover. Exactly when you decide to orchestrate a custom paper from an essay writing service, one thing you'll unmistakably get is critical quietness. They will manage your essay writing assignment while you can loosen up and give your mind some rest.

Expertly Written Papers

As you are working with a specialist writer, you'll get an expertly made paper. Notwithstanding how much effort you put into your work, you won't have the choice to facilitate with the idea of work a specialist writer can give. Taking everything into account, they are capable writers for some clarification. Their inclination of work is awesome; it is particularly capable and totally made.

Learning Opportunities

A strong paper writing service guarantees that you don't just get your custom paper yet furthermore sort out how your paper has been made. That is if you need to unveil to your teacher how you have made a good paper, you can without a very remarkable stretch reveal to them the cycle, and you won't fall into any trouble. In case the custom writer essentially writes your essay and gives you without telling the cycle, you won't have the choice to perceive how they have worked on your assignment, and you won't have the alternative to reveal it to your teacher.

Changed Papers

Your paper will be changed by your rules. It joins all of the vital fundamentals and matches flawlessly with your assignment type. Capable writers won't give you the pre-made paper that they have achieved for some other customer. They work on your assignment without any planning and draft a revamp paper for you.

Timely Submission

Exactly when you demand a paper from a custom college essay writing service, you verifiably get your paper on time. They fathom that teachers don't recognize late sections. Also, that is the explanation they work shrewdly and endeavor to complete your assignment immediately. Despite what happens, they guarantee you get your paper well in time so you can overview it and check if there is any update required, total it in time, finally submit it before the cutoff time.

Good grades

The whole support putting energy into your papers and essays is to score high and get good grades. If an essay or paper doesn't make you pass denotes, all efforts and time will go continually. This is the biggest disappointment, which prompts demotivation, and you would not really like to manage various assignments. Nonetheless, it doesn't happen in case you demand a custom paper. Exactly when you get an adjusted paper from a specialist writer, you'll without a doubt get a superb paper that will make you score a top assessment.

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A sythesis is a form of exploration paper that is made for the most elevated point out of doctoral or PhD programs. Writing this assignment is seen as an incredibly troublesome task for understudies as it joins entrancing exploration and information get-together and some understudies may mention to their companions and ask them to 'write my essay'.

To complete your degree with persuading assessments, it is fundamental to write a stunning recommendation. Piece writing depends a few moreover monster parts. Its thriving inside and out depends on how each part is drafted. From the recommendation very far, everything should be extravagantly made and worked with.

An understudy ought to consider the writing illustration of the huge number of smart assignments to advance uncommonly. Sometimes regardless, knowing the correct writing framework isn't adequate. There are little elements that help with making your article flabbergasting to others' work.

If you are alarmed by betting assessments, discover support from an expert 'write my essay for me' service. They will help you in fostering a victorious exposition.

If you question your writing limits and are masochist about sorting everything out your paper, specialists have you covered. The expert writers pivot around tips and propose understudies to follow them additionally to make a shocking piece of document. Follow the tricks gave under:

Foster a Schedule

Specialists fill in according to the timetable and urge others to do in like manner. To get your recommendation right, make a timetable remembering the cutoff time of the assignment. Make a standard practice and follow it regardless. Put out goals for constantly and try to achieve them.

Get moving Early

Make an effort not to acknowledge that the extremely late will start writing your speculation. Get going precisely on time with the objective that you get adequate freedom to mastermind explore and change your paper fittingly.

Make an Arrangement

Ceaselessly draft an arrangement for your piece first. Contribute energy setting up a subject, forming a hypothesis statement, driving examination, and fostering a format. This will help you with remembering the fundamental elements to add.

Write Several Drafts

Do whatever it takes not to rely on the fundamental draft you write for your paper. The fundamental draft will gush out done with misunderstandings and errors. Also, it might have fundamental amazes that ought to be fixed. Use these standards and you will not have to demand that someone 'write essay for me'.

Be Flexible

You will not be available to write totally constantly. Being in a writer's square is standard to even skilled writers. So be acceptably adaptable to change your timetable while managing your paper.

Draft the Introduction Section in Last

Writing the show segment, finally, will help you with doing what ought to be done. You will absolutely know the explanation and the fundamental thought statement. It will be less eccentric to write fundamental segments as they will reflect the substance unequivocally.

Take Notes of the Sources Used

While exploring and amassing information for your work, take notes of the enormous number of sources being assessed. It will enhance it for you to propose and make the reference record region.

Pick Credible Sources of Information

Another immense thing to do is to teach sound and strong wellsprings concerning information. The information amassed should be genuine to make your perusers put stock in each word you say in your suggestion.

Change a Couple of Times

Upgrade at whatever point you have caused a few times to guarantee that it is impeccable. Affirmation there are no syntactic, element, spelling, or specific stumbles in the substance.

Use Plagiarism Checker

To guarantee that the substance made for the speculation is interesting, use a copyright infringement checker. Your work should be phenomenal and if it is blamed for astute robbery, you will lose your authenticity as a writer. So taking help from the virtual things, check the creative robbery of your work before submitting it.

Following the tips will surely improve audits at any rate in case you need to consider the writing cycle, visit an essay writing service for extra assisstance.

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An argumentative college essay is a piece of writing where the understudy takes a situation on a particular issue or subject. This form of essay looks at and separates the point and evaluates it to persuade the group.

In an argumentative essay, the writer maintains a viewpoint about the point by giving strong reasoning and fragments of evidence. This assignment is commonly given out to auxiliary school and understudies to study their abilities to monitor their case using reasons and supporting information.

Argumentative essays resemble the arguments you make in your regular day to day existence. The singular thing that makes both of them unmistakable is that the arguments made are nice while an essay is formally made with a real plan.

Essay writing is a formal assignment type whose achievement particularly depends upon the development and the fitting formatting. Additionally, for an argumentative essay, an engineered content is everything. To get serious the essay and to offer meaning to the substance, a framework is made.

Regardless of the way that there are a couple of essay types, there is a standard design that is used to structure all of your essays including argumentative paper. According to this framework, the essay is disconnected into three regions; show, body, and end.

If you are given out argumentative writing and don't see how to structure it, request that a specialist 'write my college essay' and he will help you. There are a lot of advantages in encouraging an essay outline for both the writer and the perusers.

A plan clears a route for the writer to draft a connected with piece of document. Additionally, it makes the substance understandable and sensible for the group simplifying it for the writer to persuade them.

Sort out how an argumentative essay format is made through the basic advances given by an expert of the best paper writing service underneath.

Form a Thesis Statement on the Topic

Research the essay theme picked and form your situation over it. This will be the hypothesis statement or the essential argument of your paper that you will be supporting in the essay.

It should be a problematic statement. Furthermore, when driving investigation, this will be the situation for which you will assemble verification.

Lead Research on the Topic

After you have chosen the subject and the proposition statement, the time has come to assemble information to help the guideline argument. Going through the strong and relevant sources, collect information by driving assessment.

Significantly take apart the sources and accumulate information that will be the evidence for your case. Note down all of the supporting concentrations to extra add them to the body segment of your essay.

Genius Information for Introduction

The explored evidence will be coordinated in three regions. The first is the show where the writer progresses the fundamental argument of the essay.

For an argumentative essay, give brief establishment information regarding the matter to fathom the argument and express your proposition statement.

Plan Body Paragraphs

Since you have engineered the substance for your show, prepare body entries. All the verification will be presented intentional in this segment.

Each body entry will give a substitute piece of evidence close by a theme sentence that clearly gives an inspiration driving why the group should recognize the fundamental argument. Uncover all the confirmation to persuade the group.

Wrap up your Essay

In a section, rehash the proposition statement and give a framework of the focal issues in the substance. Do whatever it takes not to introduce momentous contemplations in this segment. Consider a stimulating wrapping up statement to give a completion to your essay.

If the framework made is correct, the writing cycle will get easier and the perusers will better understand your point.

Drafting an argumentative essay can be trying and this is the inspiration driving why an understudy asks concerning whether he can 'pay someone to write my paper'? Taking everything into account, the fitting reaction is yes. You can get your essays created expertly from strong writing services.

Basically demand that an expert writer write my paper and he will give you quality substance that will be outlined expertly. If you need help with understanding the graph thoroughly, visit an essay writing service that may give you the fitting reactions you require.

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Many men experience erectile dysfunction from time to time. However, when it occurs on a daily basis, it is a warning sign and a cause for concern. This may also happen as a result of some underlying health problem. You are not alone if you are having problems with your physical performance. Even in America, there are over 3 million males who are suffering from such issues. So, before resorting to medical attention, there are several natural strategies that can be used to improve males' overall physical performance.

There are few useful techniques for improving male physical performance.

Appropriate eating

This is important for improving athletic fitness. Incorporating green leafy vegetables, fruits, and whole grains into one's diet to alleviate or eliminate erectile dysfunction has been shown to be extremely beneficial. When a person's diet is low in vitamin B-12, it has an adverse effect on the spinal cord and the nerve cells that are responsible for transmitting sensations and relaying signals from the penile area to the individual's blood vessels.

So, for all those that have a vitamin B12 deficit or are unable to digest this vitamin properly, multivitamins and fortified foods can play a critical role in alleviating erectile dysfunction symptoms. About one out of every three people above the age of fifty has been affected by this disease.

Losing weight

Obesity, or having a heavy body weight, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. These two progressive syndromes are the most common causes of erectile dysfunction in men.

As a result, if there is a surplus of fat accumulation within the body, it is cited as a potential cause of male sexual dysfunction and bad success in bed. So, it's easier to lose weight and trim down the waistline with erectile dysfunction treatments like Malegra 100 and Suhagra 100 . In contrast of people who have a higher body mass index.

A vascular wellbeing checkup should be done on a regular basis.

Regular checkups for vascular health assessment are particularly important, as this is one that will undoubtedly examine changes in blood pressure, sugar levels, cholesterol, and fatty acids. To determine if an individual's vascular system is in proper working order, he or she must undergo an annual health check-up in conjunction with a change in lifestyle. If the doctor notices any changes in vascular wellbeing, he or she will recommend the most suitable care plan based on the patient's unique situation.

Reduce the tension level.

When a person is constantly under stress, his or her blood pressure may rise. Hypertension is a slow-killing agent that is dangerous to one's overall health as well as adversely affecting one's physical health. Stress increases not only affect a person's libido, but it also affects the performance of the penile organ as well as physical endurance. You can significantly reduce your stress level by adopting stress-relieving techniques and incorporating them into your everyday life.

Quit cigars.                   

Well, avoiding smoking has many advantages, but there is one more and vital advantage to refraining from smoking: it improves an individual's physical performance. When a person smokes on a daily basis, it can have a negative effect on his or her drive, physical strength, and erectile performance. As a result, inhaling tobacco has been closely linked to the issue of male erectile dysfunction. As a consequence, nicotine intake, regardless of type, would result in a decline. Males will benefit from Tadarise 20 and Tadalista 60 mg to increase their physical performance.

Get rid of unhealthy habits.

Many people develop unhealthy habits over time, resulting in a variety of health hazards. When alcoholic beverages are consumed in moderation, they may have a positive effect on overall blood supply. However, when the same alcohol is taken at a much higher concentration, it affects a person's libido and intimate drive.

As a result, it is exceedingly difficult for a man to achieve an acceptable erection for a long period of time. Finally, athletic function is adversely affected to a significant degree.

The use of medications and addiction to them has also been linked to the development of hormonal imbalances. In males, this results in an inability to achieve subsequent erections, as well as premature or delayed ejaculation.

As a result, reducing opioid intake will go a long way toward improving an individual's capacity to function safely in bed. Even if an individual is attempting to quit smoking, this would almost certainly have a negative effect on erectile function. As a result, it is preferable to quit smoking in order to improve one's physical and mental health.

Last but not least,

The most effective treatment is determined by the underlying cause of the physical ailment. There are, however, a variety of natural techniques that can be integrated into your everyday routine to improve your physical health.

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Following strict deadlines are often challenging. An essay typer can make things easy for you. you only got to provide the small print , get a completed essay in minutes. There are tons of providers offering this service online. To avoid any confusion, listed below are five best service providers you'll opt from online: has been serving students and making their life easy for quite a while . they provide a good range of services, along side essay writing. you'll also get in-tuned with knowledgeable and well-experienced university assignment help expert on this website. This service is freed from cost. you'll get a non-plagiarised essay written in minutes.

Another well-known and reliable website is they're going to make sure that your essay doesn't disappoint your instructor. They use Chicago citation maker to acknowledge the sources of data properly and proffesional essay writer writes your essay. Many students have availed of their services and are satisfied with the output.

You can avail the simplest quality essay writing service from they need been within the industry helping students for quite while . you would like to pay a really reasonable price for his or her service. they create sure of employing a paraphrasing tool and supply an actual output. you'll place your back them and obtain the simplest essay help from them.


Based out of California, 99Papers has been providing quality essay writing services to students. Their writers are experienced and may handle tons of subjects. the costs are affordable, and you'll trust them together with your essay. They proofread the article before handing it over to you to avoid any error.

The website has been serving students across the united kingdom for an extended period. they create sure that the content isn't plagiarised. just in case you cancel the order midway, you'll get 70% of your a refund . Expect good quality content from them.

Students always search for matlab assignment help to finish their matlab assignments. These websites lookout that your work is kept confidential. it's easy to use service, and following a couple of steps will offer you the result you would like .

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If you've read up on the best CBD for dogs arthritis care options available, you've probably come across the pet product make Dream Dogs. Perhaps you were drawn to their adorable 'My Lovin' Pup' dog dolls and cuddly toys, but maybe you're not quite sure how they treat their animals and whether or not you should buy their products. Before you buy any dog products, it's important to learn what makes them better than the competition.

While there certainly are lots of for dogs products on the market, the best CBD for dogs with arthritis must be GoldBee, Area52 or Royal CBD, because these three brands are derived from top-class, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. When you read pet products reviews or recommendations, make sure that the products being reviewed contain only the best ingredients and the most effective amounts of them. In fact, the best CBD for dogs with inflammation and arthritis is CBD for dogs joint pain relief, because it's the easiest to absorb and the most consistent.

The best CBD for dogs with arthritis is an oil called GoldBee CBD Oil, because it contains many essential fatty acids that actually reduce pain and inflammation in your pet's joints. In addition, most pets experience arthritis symptoms because they don't get enough exercise, which is why taking a supplement like this one will help both their quality of life and yours. Arthritis is an extremely painful condition for both humans and animals, but it's best treated from the inside out. Make sure that you give your pet the best medication possible and that it is taken consistently over time.

In order to provide the best CBD for dogs with arthritis and other painful conditions, it's important that you also give your dogs a healthy, balanced diet. Studies have proven that the best way to treat arthritis and other painful conditions, like joint pain, is to give your dog's nutritious food with anti-inflammatory ingredients. To provide your pets with the best CBD for dogs with arthritis and other problems, make sure that your pet is constantly fed the right amount of high quality protein and fat, like beef and turkey, and vegetables and grains, like sweet potatoes and carrots. Give your dog food that is made specifically with anti-inflammatories and that contain omega-3 fatty acids like salmon oil, flaxseed oil and cod liver oil, too. Avoid feeding your dogs table scraps as the scraps can contain unhealthy fats and preservatives.

Arthritis is a condition that affects so many dogs, both old and young, and the best CBD for dogs with arthritis is a product manufactured by a company from New Zealand called Hillsvet. This company manufactures only pure fish oil and treats all of its dogs, old and young, for every imaginable issue related to their joints. They have been clinically proven to help alleviate joint pain and stiffness, improve circulation, boost the immune system, and encourage weight loss. One of the most popular formulas from Hillsvet is their Hillsvet Energy Drops, which is known for relieving all symptoms of arthritis like stiffness, hot flushes, inflammation and general energy loss.

While our pets can't feel the effects of arthritis on their bodies, they can sense the pain we are feeling. And because joints are often the first place that people notice the symptoms of pain and discomfort, they are most sensitive to them. Penguin Energy Drops contains an array of herbs that work to ease the pain and inflammation caused by joint inflammation. It contains ginger, lemon balm, alfalfa capsules, and Cayenne pepper, all of which are effective at easing joint inflammation and pain. The combination of these powerful ingredients makes Hillsvet Energy Drops an ideal choice for treating your dog's arthritis.

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Standing in the middle of the bar, throwing out my vibe, I glance over at one of the tables to see a sultry sexy woman staring back. It’s Sexy English Teacher. I’ve recently been seeing her around the neighborhood. We’ve been flirting each time we bump into each other but the encounters are not usually long enough to escalate things. Also, she is usually with another guy. The same is true for this night. There is another guy sitting with her.

While telling a story to another group of female friends I feel a hand slide over the back of my shoulders and down the side of my back. I turn my head to see English Teacher walking back to her table while glaring at me. I turn back to my group to resume conversation but it quickly tangents into a more scandalous thread.

“Oh my god. That girl was totally flirting with you! Do you know her?” says Carrie

“Yea, she’s been flirting with me a lot lately, but she is always with some dude.” I reply

“Wait a second, that’s your english teacher you’ve told us about. Oh my god, that is just wrong.”

“What’s wrong about it? Thats like my ultimate fantasy….to bang my English professor” I respond, “besides it’s not like she’s still my professor, I had her for class over three years ago.”

“I don’t care, it’s still not right.” exclaims Carrie

“Hmmmm, I think someone’s a little jealous” I say with a smirk

“You’re unbelievable. What can you possibly see in this girl?” Carrie asks

“Three things: smart, sexy, and fun. That’s a winning combination in my book.”

Carrie and I continue on with our debate. It occurs to me that Carrie and English Teacher must have had a little spat some time ago, which would explain her disapproval in my flirting with Sexy English Teacher. I’m not getting anywhere justifying myself so I change the topic.

At the end of the night, I’m standing by the door about to leave when I see Sexy English Teacher walking out with her guy friend. She approaches me and gives a surprising spank on my ass. I give her a glare and say, “That was bad,” then I return the gesture and give her a quick slap on the ass. She smirks and tells me that she’s leaving.

“Good night. I’ll see you around ok?” she says

“Yea we’ll have to do something sometime,” I say, “have a good night.”

I then grab her hand and give her a twirl, pull her in close to me and have her kiss my cheek. With that she smiles and leaves. Just as the last time her male friend didn’t look very pleased but oh well. Alls fair in love and war, right?



Why Hot Women Are Easy

The Ass Is Back

Why Your Game Has Stalled

The Best Way To Create Jealousy

How To Keep Your Sets

Is Game Your Best Option?

The Best Way To Approach Groups

Taking Home Groups Of Women

Kiss Me, I’m Irish….and Drunk.

Lighting a Fire With Rapport

Surviving the Tango of Death

Why the “Ode to the Nice Guys” Is Complete Crap

Routines of Pick-up Artists and Naturals

Like Moths to a Flame

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